Clancy Pendergast Still In Mix To Become Defensive Coordinator

It has been more than two weeks since the season ended and former Cal defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast remains the frontrunner to become defensive coordinator.

This could still change but Lane Kiffin has not exactly searched the nation interviewing candidates. And maybe he will get around to it before Signing Day. But right now, Pendergast is the frontrunner.

19 thoughts on “Clancy Pendergast Still In Mix To Become Defensive Coordinator

  1. I wonder if Rahim “I get beat deep” Moore can come and coach our DB’s…

  2. Kiffin now has college football right where he wants it…the plan is coming together perfectly.
    Wait, there’s a plan?

    • He has a hot wife and is the head coach of USC after doing nothing but posting losing and middling records. I think his plan is working fine.

  3. Did Kiffin tell you this Scott? If Clancy is the choice, then im fine with it. Some people act like they know better than Lane. I criticize him like the rest, but I know deep down this guy knows better than me or you when it comes to decision making. I would be happier if it wasnt Clancy but Im a fan no matter whos coach. I will not second guess Clancy unless the results on the field are poor. Just hurry up already and make it known so I can move on with my life.

  4. Scott, you know EVERYONE he has talked to? Is Kiff giving you a nightly update on the phone? How are you the only person that knows who the frontrunner is?

  5. Pendergast would be a okay fit but what happened to the “big name” DC waiting in the wings as promised by Kiffin? Did Kiffin lie again?

  6. I guess Lame Kitten wasn’t lying for once; he does have a big long name! If he is so great, why isn’t anyone else interviewing him? Why is he still on the market waiting for a lame duck coach to get back to him? Have the Trojans sunk down to those depths? Wowwww!

  7. Pendergast isn’t ok his defense got crushed by everybody over the past couple of years. Anybody that ran a spread just chewed them up and spit them out. Against PRO style they did better. Doesn’t that sound like Monte.

    • So what you’re saying is this might be the second coming of the Monte Kiffin, great….LOL!!!

  8. If Haden & Lane aren’t getting Chizik, they need to get Pendergast, and fast. Recruits are tip toe’ing around and second-guessing their commitment because Lane and Guy Smiley haven’t pulled the trigger on a new DC…apparently there are more bad news coming this month, so Puss in Boots Haden needs to buckle up and start making some more decisions.

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