51 thoughts on “Matt Barkley No. 7 In Mock Draft

    • Are “your boys” Brehaut or Prince going to get drafted? (assuming you know the Bruins)

      I actually thought Prince was going to be something when following his freshman year. Too bad he had to endure 3 different offenses.

    • Wasn’t Leinert’s fault that the Bears were who they thought they were and they left them off the hook.

  1. i only wish the Pious Passer goes to a team where he is forced to play right away!!!

    can you imagine what he is gonna be like in the pros with everyone chasing him???

    as Jim Mora says: “they measure Pro QB’s by their number of 4th Qtr comebacks” ….the Pious Passer has NEVER LED ONE, not even in HS!!

    now that’s amazing!!

    • LOOOOOOOOOL this geek is still commenting the same nonsense?!?!?
      What a life… truly jealous! lmaoo

      • Bruinrob kicked him out of the tree house, all he has is the baby blue sweater with white stains all over the front, a crusty jockstrap collection, and a stolen Barbie Princess bike that LAPD is looking for. Repeating himself over and over is where he’s at in his life. So instead of using viagra he just thinks of Barkley, and the next thing you know he has it standing at attention

    • Same post as yesterday. Booorrring. Just smell my farts, it’s more entertaining. So suck it chocolate boy. The Nard dog has spoken.

    • Hey bucket, maybe, just maybe somebody is smarter than you. MB going in the first round? Blows your prediction all to hell

  2. I wonder if tools like spedjones and thaimax (and OBVIOUSLY this Bucket geek) realize that they’re making
    38-28 less and less relevant by STILL trolling this blog EVERY DAY.

    mean, you finally beat SC… for the 2nd time in 14 years… and you
    still display your inferiority complex on this blog?! You should be
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    But NO…. you still post…. every day….. LOL that’s ok. USC constantly on
    the brain of UCLA fans makes me happy! Thanks 🙂

    • I doubt any of those guys are UCLA fans. Just SC haters. Heck, many have pointed out that its the same guy (or 2 at the most) trolling under different names…or Scott himself…lol. They can’t even name more than 2 starters on the Bruins.

    • Owns: since you put so much thought into your comment and you included NO fart or other scatological references, i figure it warrants a response from a member of the Cadre Executive Council.

      1) the Cadre Mission Statement is a privileged document, but i can tell you the first and most solemn Canon is to provide unquestioned Back Up for the wolfman.

      2) we also promised you Nabobs, that we would be here to SCATTER THE PIECES!!! when Southern Cal collapsed under the weight of their cheating and faulure!! and we aren’t done scattering yet.

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        • Gee….that 1954 has a certain ring to it….Football N/C are MYTHICAL…even today! Did ya know..in Basketball (no mythical Championships), U Stupid Clowns have advanced to the “SWEET SIXTEEN” ONE TIME since 1954!!!!! Talk about heritage and consistency…you guys got a lock on that too. SWEET SIXTEEN….ONE TIME SINCE 1954…..
          Well MERCY NURSE!
          fit on torgans…UN-believable

  3. There is no way the Cardinals are drafting Barkley. He would get killed with his lack of mobility behind that line. I wouldn’t draft Barkley in the first 4 rounds, since you want to get players in these rounds who may start sometime.

  4. Anybody see that loser Rahim “I get beat deep” Moore lose the game for Bronco nation? What a loser! Guess he got drafted too high!

    UCLA, keep churning out the all stars!!! RMFAOL………………… Wow!!!!

    • Moore wasn’t even that good while at UCLA. I remember Tony Dye making more plays them him and I think he got booted off the squad!

      I have no idea how the Broncos scouted him so high. He should’ve been undrafted.

  5. Wow…just looked at the teams picking 1-10 and about ALL of them have needs at QB.

    I know lots of GM’s will always say the BPA (best player available) line, but many teams draft on NEED.

    Where’s Barkley ranked at his position?

    On another note, Kevin Prince is looking into Real Estate.

  6. ESPN has him at the bottom of first round which means likely pushed to the second round cause Raiders will draft a pentathlete from Lithuania. Would have like to seen a healthy MB at a Senior bowl after having worked with other coaches for a couple weeks. Let’s see what he does in the combine and pro day. He doesn’t seem 1st round material.

    • “cause Raiders will draft a pentathlete from Lithuania.”

      LOL..Al Davis died last year. Reggie McKenzie doesn’t have the same USC bias and love for non-football player athletes. He’s even said so during interviews.

      It’s a pretty watered down QB class with many teams in need of a QB. I’d be surprised to see him drop to the 2nd.

  7. i’ve seen drafts that have barkley as high as 3rd….and as low as in the 40’s. I guess we’ll just see.

  8. Certainly, teams reach for QBs. But MB won’t play in the Senior
    Bowl. Furthermore, I think that the combine will hurt MB, because his arm strength and accuracy on longer throws are deficient.

    In a way, I hope for him that he goes 7th in the draft. He’s a good guy. It would be good for USC.

    What he seems to need, frankly, is to go lower in the draft, and have
    several years to learn to work around his deficiencies, in a fresh
    environment. I think that being the “chosen one” from high school on
    has hurt MB’s development. The guy has a good brain, and has not
    grown as much as one would hope. A humbling experience might be just
    the thing for him.

    Anyway, Gil Brandt has some credentials, and we’ll see.

  9. Does the NFL need a short, slow QB with no arm strength that is unable to hit a moving golf cart?

    • AAHHH…yes it’s all coming back to me now…In a real game, Barney would be throwing to Receivers, not Golf Carts! At the time…I guess he also forgot to factor in BLITZING Outside Linebackers with the last name of BARR. This Barney guy is UN-believable! Led his UN-ranked team to one of it’s worst records in years, blamed his poor performance on the UN-Comparable Coaching staff. UN-der every circumstance possible, he failed to lead his team to a single come from behind Victory, YET (according to some Torgans)….he Rebuilt the Country of HAITI all by himself! UN-BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      #1 to UN…in just a few months! You Barney, are a TRUE LEGEND!

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      • How pathetic bucket, some little girl is out there crying over her stolen Barbie Princess bike, dick. Isn’t this the same post we get from you every Wendnesday

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