Is USC Serious Enough To Hire Pitt Coach Jamie Dixon?

That is a key question as the search begins to replace Kevin O’Neill. Dixon rebuffed USC four years ago but his star his not quite as bright now. He would still command a few million dollars though.

And if USC wants basketball to be a national program, Dixon might be as well as the school could do. At least he did not say no when asked about the job.

“I’ve never talked about it,” he said. “I guess it’s part of it. It doesn’t really affect me either way. It’s part of the game, I guess, since I’ve been here. For 14 years, I’ve been used to. It don’t talk about it or think about it.”

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  • No, they don’t.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Rumor are that Bob Cantu has reached out to Phil Jackson via Mike Bibby…

    Bringing ten championship rings to Galen!!

    • ThaiMex

      7 months ago you were saying the football program was gonna win it all! TWO years ago you said DAT was too small to play football, last year you praised Goat Boy as a genius. What next? (South Central displaces South Florida as a Vacation spot?). Phil?????? Phil just rode off into the sunset with his “wife”……He’s settled down on his ranch in Montana and is now permanently retired. Why would he want to leave RETIREMENT in Montana for Shootings in South Central? Going from the Lakers to USC is like trading in your Cadillac Escalade for a YUGO! (two weeks ago…didn’t you post Mora to San Diego?)
      fitts, the Un-Torgan!!!!!!