Matt Barkley On Post-Game Incident

Here’s what Matt Barkley told ESPN radio today about the post-game Sun Bowl incident in the locker room.

“It’s an emotional game, and when you end your season on a negative note like that, emotions are going to be high,” Barkley said. “Guys were expressing their opinions, for better or worse, but we had it under control. It was nothing to be alarmed about.”

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  • ‘ol Honey Boo Boo was probably cowering under the trainer’s table when the young bloods called him out for QUITTING on the team!!!

    at least some trOXan young bloods showing a trace of guts in that locker room!!

    the rest?? BAWK-BAWK-BAWK!!!!!

    • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

      Chuck knows not the first thing about competitive sports and the nature of locker rooms.

      That is except for his web cam feed from the mens football showers….

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket was probably cowering under bruinrob’s table when the young bloods of the cadre called him out for QUITTING during the circlejerk

      at least some cadre young bloods showing a trace of guts in that tree house!!

      the eye patch guy?? BAWK-BAWK-BAWK!!!!!

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    This is a non story…Scott haven’t you ever played on a team? There are always arguments, fights, and disagreements. It’s normal. Quit blowing this out of proportion. If I was on this team, I would be calling ppl out too. This happens every year, on every team in college football. But for some reason it’s front page news when it happens at usc and that is foolish…and it’s all because of shoddy journalism from ppl like you.

    • Trojanpete

      I don’t understand why this story comes out now. If it happened back on Dec. 31 and you knew about it then, why wait until mid-January to post it in the Daily News? It’s not like there is any information that was posted in that article that Wolf didn’t know back then. And as RallyMonkeyUSA states, there is a wide range of accounts here.

  • Spedjones

    Barfly was one of the worst offenders. He had no interest in being there and it showed. Spineless loser quit on his coach and his team.


    first U sc clowns claim Wolf made the story up, now its a non story. Really? pick one position on this topic and stick to it.

    • Cheap seats

      Well.. It’s both. The so-called “scuffle” or “incident” should’ve simply been described as a disagreement.

      There were numerous REAL reporters present in the locker room and NONE of them thought it was worth a mention. Not on their blogs, not on their respective radio shows, not even on Twitter. It’s likely everyone else interpreted it simply as a normal exchange of words as common as someone packing their bags in the locker room after a game.


        listen up Cheap Trick, it can’t be fiction and a fact. Was the story fabricated by Wolf or was it an actual account of what transpired in the locker room? It doesn’t matter if others elected to inform the public or not.
        If Lame had it his way, reporters would only report stories the he dreamed up.

        • Cheap seats

          Wolf wasn’t even there in El Paso. He initially blogged that it was according to his “source”.

          Yes, a disagreement took place, but I already spent 2 minutes on a non story that didn’t warrant it.

          Then again, we can call out Brent Musburger for calling a woman beautiful on TV.

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            Musburger was Channeling his inner Broadway, only thing missing was the comments about kissing LoL!

        • TrojanFan

          Hey crew, get back on the truck and move on, way too many ruin trolls around here….you jerk one off and they all come

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            I have yet to see a post from U of any substance. Impress me with worth while commentary and then I’ll take you comments serious enough to run u back into the HYENA’s asshole U escaped from.

          • TrojanFan

            Run along dude, people are laughing at your pathetic ass

            No one on this blog gives a shit what mora and his girl’s are up to

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            You are as soft as melted butter. U read my earlier post about U.

        • He’s saying the false story reported by wolf would have been a non-factor if it was true. But it’s not, so, fiction and non-story.

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            all of your opinions are slanted toward the negative regarding WOLF because he exposes the BS that goes on at sc. If U all hate him so much find another blog. Why support someone who U despise?
            Bspn, reported the story and Mr. Unfinished business confirmed it yesterday on JIM ROME show on Mighty 1090 am. U can believe what ever U desire. Facts are facts and fiction is the total opposite.

          • TrojanFan

            Dude, you are too much, a bruin fan posting

            negative comments about the USC program on this blog, practice what you preach, quit being a hypocrite…..In other words go find another blog

            Try reading between the lines, wolfman has had a personal vendetta against Kiffin for some time now. A lot of his comments are petty in nature and have no journalistic value. The wolfman trolls his own blog which has lead to the negative culture displayed through out this blog

            “Facts are facts and fiction is the total opposite.”

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            “A lot of his comments are petty in nature and have no journalistic value”
            Were U describing your own limp ass postings. U, Blow fish joe and nerf nuts are the Trifecta of dumb asses. U Idiots postings are nothing more than unsuccessful attempts to bully people on this blog, how juvenile. Funny thing is WOLF is being paid to post topics that spark dialog. So again if U don’t like his topics find some where else to loiter.
            I’m here because I don’t mind his topics. Its enjoyable to poke at U clowns that take these jabs personal. Grow up son.

          • TrojanFan

            your motivation is “Its enjoyable to poke at U clowns that take these jabs personal”. So instead of being part of the solution your choice is to be part of the problem, but yet you want to chastise the ones that follow your same path. So listen up you piece of shit, you will continue to get no respect posting how great your team is and what it will accomplish at the expense of the Trojans.

            Where were you last year when 50-0 happened?….just what I thought!!!

            PS…I have no problem riding your ass until it bleeds

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            Here’s what U really meant to say…. CHANNELING your inner Chris Rocker ” how fucking dare any of you out there make fun of sc and sc fans? After all we’ve been through…bowl bans, deflate gate with small hands,striped of schollies, Kiffy exposed as a cheat, a liar, plus all the on field football follies..we’ve been bitched slapped, O & D lines beaten down and pushed around. LEAVE sc ALONE!!!!!!!

            We lost are will to compete. Are new fight song is called MORE, MORE, MORE, because all U people want are more, more,more tainted victories that will have to be vacated anyway! LEAVE sc ALONE, PLEASE!!!! U luck Kiffy and the girls even take the field for U BASTARDS!!!!! When is it ok, to publically bash a team when they show more fight in the locker room than on the field? PLEASE LEAVE sc ALONE.

            U attempted to mask the BITCH in U by asking about a game from DEC. 2011. That’s Bitchy at best. sc got that ass stomped and that’s that. UCLA fans don’t resort to talking about 13-9, it’s too old. Honestly, I don’t even bring up Johnathan Franklin’s Throat slash to my sc friends because it’s old now. UCLA fans stayed loyal to our team while the University worked tirelessly to remedy the inconsistent product that was masquerading as a Div.1 football team. In the words of Dora the Explorer, ” WE DID IT, WE DID IT.

            Of course we are gonna forcibly shove your rotten little noses in it as long as U clowns make excuses about the game. The reality is, we all know that UCLA is in far better shape for the foreseeable coming years than sc, U don’t gotta like it, but U gotta deal with it….every year.

            From now on let me “Ghost Write” your postings, U will get clowned less and more respect, because people are really laughing at U right about now.

          • TrojanFan

            LAME LAME LAME!…This is a Trojan site

            frus·tra·tion noun (ˌ)frəs-ˈtrā-shən
            frustration is a common emotional response to opposition. Related to anger and disappointment, it arises from the perceived resistance to the fulfillment of individual will. The greater the obstruction, and the greater the will, the more the frustration is likely to be

            There’s help for people with your type of disorder

          • wtf is BSPN. Those keys aren’t even remotely near each other.

            So far there is one undisclosed source saying people were fighting, while every other reporter either has agreed with Kiffin or not said anything. Barkley said there wasn’t a fight.

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            DON”T PLAY (trogan Phon) type of Stupid, figure it out…Bspn aka espn. Keep up. I’m sure U have seen the reference on this Blog before.


    Yes, these guys should be mad at how this season turned out. sc is a football program where these types of seasons are not expected or tolerated. However, sc did this to themselves with this lack luster coach and getting slap with unprecedented sanctions. University of Miami should have gotten worst sanctions than sc did. Everyone outside the west coast hates west coast sports. Keep your head up sc fans, U only have to loose to UCLA in Football once at year. GO BRUINS!!!

    • “loose to UCLA in Football”


      • TrojanFan

        He’s describing his old lady’s plumbing

    • john k

      Nice, “loose” typical dumb bruin


        loose is what the 3 of your brains are, loser is what U, m00t & hyena ass are, loses continually and lose to UCLA ANNUALLY is what your football team will do. Have a wonderful BRUIN night U clowns.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Barrett Jones shoves his QB in the National Title Game who yells back at him and it is perceived as a positive. Perhaps having underclassmen show the same emotion isn’t a bad thing versus not giving a damn ?

    • JJ Griffiths

      i agree totally. this story may have pointed out the leadership on this team being a little soft…especially considering MB’s comments. a little fire and rage might be what next years team needs. LK ain’t gonna provide it, thats for sure.

  • Michael Jordan use to call the Bulls’ GM, Jerry Krause, Crumbs. Since Crumbs is taken, I’m gonna start calling SW, Scraps..S from his initials and crap for his journalistic style, posts, and attitude..Sensationalized was a close second but I don’t think that the W in his initials should merit the word Writer..

  • Spedjones

    BTW, interesting that Barfly is now working out the UCLA coaches dontcha think? Even SC’s star pick-thrower knows where the coaches are.

    • TrojanFan

      “working out the UCLA coaches”


      • Spedjones

        yeah, hard to tell that I meant working out with the UCLA coaches. Keep with the gay joke stuff – typos are beneath you.

        • TrojanFan

          Thanks for the clarification. The jokes have
          nothing to due with being guy, sorry!, but you still can’t figure it out, that’s a you problem

  • Has Barkley lied to anyone before? I’d take his word over “undisclosed sources”.

    • TrojanFan

      Where is betomas when you need him?

  • betomas

    betomas reporting for duty here! ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

    Matt Barkeley has never lied. Ever.

    • TrojanFan

      Where have you been?….thought you might of gone rogue on us

      • betomas

        Like nas, I’m still here, never left.