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After USC’s 21-7 loss to Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl about 10-15 USC players were involved in an altercation in the locker room that occurred after some of freshmen criticized the seniors over whether they gave 100 percent for the game.

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    Details would be nice. Was the offensive coordinator involved or was he reading his Denny’s menu?

    • oneillwatch


      • gotroy22

        I wondered when the article on the dissent-racked SC football team would come out. There had to be a good reason why such a collection of talented 4 star and 5 star athletes couldn’t and wouldn’t play together.

  • Scott, what took you so long? What about your inside sources?

    • dtksr1

      If you really want to know, Blow, he is documenting all this info for a book he is threatening to write that takes this program from the high of PC to the low of LK. And you……. will be in line to buy it like the rest of us.

      • Really won’t. I’m an insider and as much or more than SW. Trust me, SC hates SW. His mouth piece left 2 years ago.

  • Spedjones

    LOL. Even Rick had more control of his locker room before he was canned. I’m SURE next year will be a whole new family feeling… bunch of thuggish losers.

    • steveg

      Please, go eat shit and die.

    • rusoviet

      I need my ‘woodie’ fix – pump the ‘johnnie’ out of the crypt and let’s all party down!

    • TrojanFan

      Rick who..? come out come out where ever you are..LOL

  • dtksr1

    Why wouldn’t those seniors not give 100%? Would it be the dissapointment of the season and the way the headcoach is causing then dodging incidences, even up to the bowl game, that a healthy program would never have to go through? I’m wondering if it was mostly embaressment rather than uninspired play that caused the break in unity.

    • dtksr1

      In fact, why isn’t Haden & his stooge JK not embarressed with events of Kiffin throughout the 2012 season, including the Sun Bowl? OHHHH I forgot, its all because of the sanctions. Free pass on all this circus atmosphere for everyone involved… even the seniors.

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    thanks for the big bowl of Sweeeet Scooops for breakfast, wolfman!!!!

    more proof you cover “the rest of the Earth”!!!!!!

    now, lets get to work!!


    Bounce Pass fired the wrong Kiff!!!

    and WHICH SENIOR was blamed??? the Pious Passer QUIT on the team before the gamed started, and stood around laughing on the sideline instead of providing any “leadership” as his CAPTAIN status would demand. or was it TJ who had one tackle in the game, letting people run past him all day???

    one thing i’ll say about Cheatey Petey, his teams choked once a year like clockwork, but his team never quit on him outright!!!

    oh, i TOLD you suckers the Cadre was not through SCATTERING THE PIECES!!!!!!

    • Swoll Francis

      Bucky you forgot Pete Carol’s last reglar season game against Arizona. Players quit like they were Foxconn workers!

  • USC is GRIPPPED UP, i sense.

    herh herh herh!

    fallen apart, this team has, hmmmm?

    a Jedi, these Padewon seniors will never be.

    herh herh herh!

  • rusoviet

    Funny how this was already printed but here it is again – ok so there was tension and chaos after a miserable season – what acceptance and peace is preferable?

  • grave soul

    This is really sad. It’s a new low for athletics at SC.

    • Spedjones

      you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

      • TrojanFan

        Isn’t this the same post you leave every other day…..

  • TrojanFan

    According to a national source Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Eagles…….What a classless dick!

    The NCAA was going to suspend him anyway.

    Sad day around duckville!!!!

    • Swoll Francis

      Best news for USC all year

    • gotroy22

      Colin Cowherd led his ESPN radio show with the locker room brawl story.

      • TrojanFan

        Barkley on the Cowherd show today, said the Seniors stepped and handled the situation and the story was over blown. Barkley was called out by a younger player for not playing in the Bowl and it didn’t sit well with the Seniors…….MOOT!

        • gotroy22

          Matt also claimed he couldn’t tell that the footballs has been deflated in the Oregon game.

  • calexrose

    well chip is going to phili

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    USC is above a sun bowl, this is the way it should have ended. Next year the team is focused….

  • TrojanFan

    Betomas, what happened here?

    We demand inside info, now get to work….LOL!!!

  • so the young bloods called out the Pious Passer as being a coward???

    they must’ve been reading ‘ol C-Buck’s comments!!!

    nothing wrong with Pious, just a little Anthony Barr-itis!!!

    didn’t anyone tell Pious that Barr is not playing in the Senior Bowl??? he’s only a JUNIOR!!!! he only HITS like a senior!!!!


    I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket just got a new tent from Goodwill, that’s why he feels so alive……

  • A-mazing the “altercation” not picked up in the post game radio interviews on Trojan flagship station. Also, interesting that several sports news sources has taken this story to a brawl involving 10-15 players….

  • Both TJ and Matt Barkley said it was “nothing”……..

  • wow. this team is just like the Nobobs….they QUIT when things get tough!!

    Honey Boo Boo is like the Paralegal et al, too gutless to show up for the beatdown!!!



    U sc clowns really hate the Wolfman. Your has been qb Mr. Unfinished was just on Mighty 1090am with JIM ROME and confirmed there was trouble in the locker room after the sun bowl debacle. He didn’t go deep into detailed but did speak in generalities about the drama.
    I would trade Wolf for Wang any day of the week.

    • Cheap seats

      I’d take Wang. He actually reports news and has some insight.

      SW only has 2 stories all year long: 1. LK shouldn’t be calling the plays and 2. a locker room argument.


        that’s a deal, he is all yours.