Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Reportedly Hired By Eagles

ESPN reports the Eagles went back and got Kelly after all. Good news for Stanford, Washington, Oregon State and USC fans. Remember USC does not play Oregon next season so Lane Kiffin can’t lose to the Ducks unless the teams reach the Pac-12 title game.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Charles Bucket reported hired by the director of “Magic Mike 2” to be a “touch up” artist…

    • I’ve always wanted to be an artist!!

      thank to Mono, NUBS and the new idiots around here, this has become a haven for latent homosexual rants!! i’m surprised this blog hasn’t made the list of “Gayest Sites” in America!!!

      not that there’s anything morally wrong about that…

      • steveg

        Typical, gotta be PC right? Screw’em, gay sucks.

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          U made it clear U don’t like Homosexuals. U appear to be antisemitic too. Racism is embraced by the cowardly scum of the earth. Go get a life or go to hell,

  • Spedjones

    I hear Oregon’s talking to Kiffin now…

    Don’t get excited Trogies, you’ll still suc next year.

  • oneillwatch

    …so are the UCLA trolls so “up” on their school that after a successful football campaign in 2012 (congratulations) they have moved on, or do they just assume 2012 was a one-year fluke and it is really not worth pulling up their stakes and moving on? Inexplicable.

    • Spedjones

      2012 was a fluke for neither UCLA nor USC.

  • I’d now offer Monte Kiffin’s salary to Nick Alliotti to come and be the DC.

    • Uh, no.

      • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com


      • Ben, would you like to elaborate? Oregon’s D was very good this year, and he’d have a pretty good idea on how to stop Oregon’s spread. Probably too late, since I hear that Clancy Pendergrass is finalizing his contract.

    • steveg

      I kind of thought the same thing, what the hell. If he don’t work out he can go out after next season along with Kiffin.


    SInce Coach Mora and Coach Shaw are entrenched in their current HFC jobs, it seems the Pac 12 will be a 2 team race since Chip Kelly left the building. I’m sure Mora’s staff members are already combing over Oregon recruits who might wanna now commit elsewhere.

    sc will continue to trend downward and loose the respect of local and national high school and junior college recruits. Sure sc will get a few 4/5 star guys but not eneough to make it worth while. GO BRUINS.

    • steveg

      Oh yes, it is now the time for jucla dynasty. Keep dreaming idiots. Why is it ruin trolls come here in such numbers.

    • Cheap seats

      Do really think UCLA will have a better record this upcoming year compared to last year?

      Have you seen their schedule? At Oregon, at Stanford… You guys are losing your career leading RB, clutch receiver (Fauria), and best DL (Jones), the best backup RB is coming off surgery (Thigpen) and the 2nd string QB behind Hundley is Jerry Neuiheisel?

      You still think they’ll be better?


        Here is a better question… Will UCLA have a better record than sc and will UCLA beat down sc by more than 10 points this year?
        UCLA will line up against every opponent this season with the intent to beat them down and demoralize them by the end of the 3rd quarter. We have one of the most challenging schedules this year and that is ok. Shame on all D1 schools who do the Cup Cake Football Tour.

        • Cheap seats

          Never mind. Excuse me for optomistically thinking you would have some actual football points.

          Have you been to the Rose Bowl before? The Bruins play there.

          • TrojanFan

            Doubt it!….The guy lives at the North Pole

    • TrojanFan

      Waaaaay tooooo much koolaid!!!!

  • So did Oregon tell Kelly

    ” Well Chip, you gotta go or the NCAA is gonna drop an SC on us. If you stay, we get hammered, you leave, not so much. ”

    Or did Kelly wake up and realize that he might be looking at what SC has going on and decided that dealing with the dog killer for a QB isn’t so bad ?

  • you trOXans must feel like Russian hookers whose pimp just got deported back to Siberia!!!

    no more getting biatch slapped and used in “unusual ways” my Chippy Boy!! oh he was rough on you guys!!!


    don’t worry Kiff, you’ll be gone before you have to play the Ducks again any way!!!

    oh, the CADRE is riding HIGH!!!!!!


    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      I know THIS much:
      USC won @ Autzen Stadium and beat Chip Kelly fair and square.

      UCLA sho didn’t!!! AUUUUU-WOOOOOO!!!!!

      I’m all TINGLY

      • TrojanFan

        I’m all TINGLY also

        I also feel so ALIVE!


    • TrojanFan

      ‘oh, the CADRE is riding HIGH!!!!!!”

      Exactly, up in the tree house

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Hey Phil Knight, we have a replacement for your headcoaching vacancy!


    I’m sure Stiffy Kiffy paid for Chip’s Moving truck. LoL

    • Why would they be in touch with one another? Your premise is ridiculous.

      • TrojanFan


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    It don’t matter, Oregon will still punk the gutties the next two years. #getreadyforanasswhoopin….

  • oregon111

    I am taking the unpopular view that this is good for Oregon and bad for the rest of the pac12…

    Oregon has a terrible recruiting class this year, except for 2 in-state kids who are real good

    Chip’s offense is already in place at Oregon – that was his strong point

    his head coaching ability outside of X’s & O’s and play calling was horrible

    Oregon will be stronger than ever

    actually, if you could fuse Kiffen & Kelly together, you would have a coach who could recruit and call plays effectively

    • Cheap seats

      While I disagree they will “be strong as ever”, I don’t think Duck fans have to worry. The scheme will remain the same and remain uptempo. The future looks bright with Marriota and DAT. Meanwhile, the rest of the Pac-12 has become watered down outside of Stanford — who loses Stefan Taylor.

      What I would worry about if I were a Duck fan is the inevitable sanctions coming up.

      • oregon111

        “inevitable sanctions”…

        you mean the sanctions for using a street agent like most other big programs have also done?

        the problem with sanctions is that “how do you punish Oregon, but let everyone else off the hook?”

        the only reason any of this even came up is because Texas got pissed about losing recruits to out of state teams

        that is why this thing has dragged on so long – don’t look for any answers any time soon

        the Oregon style of kick as football will remain, and high school players will get excited again once some kind of order has been restored

        if nothing else, I would expect Phil Knight and the Oregon brain trust to do a better job than USC did when replacing Pete – time will tell

        • TrojanFan

          Hey oregon111, the coach got caught cheating, so pull down your pants and take the beating for the crime Chip committed….this will be settled before the start of next season and quit trying to sugar coat it. Just look at the USC program and see how the sanctions have effected us. The duck dynasty is OVER!

        • TrojanFan

          Oregon111111 wrote:

          “the only reason any of this even came up is because Texas got pissed about losing recruits to out of state teams”

          Nice try!!..Chip turned into a dick because he thought Lyles wasn’t giving him a good return on this investment. Lyles felt he was being disrespected so he called the cops on him

    • TrojanFan

      I’ll buy that for a dollar…LOL!

      Big brother is about to come down on you..HA HA!!!

  • betomas

    Hey BandwagonFan (TrojanFail), although Pendergast seemed to be the obvious choice for CLFK because Kiff has a penchant for dudes like him, seems like my source is correct yet again! Not sure why CLFK was touting his next DC as a “big hire,” but Pendergast will do.

    Big ups, VJP.