Who Will Lane Kiffin Follow Now?

With Chip Kelly leaving the Pac-12, who will provide all the ideas that Lane Kiffin (and then Steve Sarkisian) stole from their mentor?

Kelly instituted morning practices, Kiffin followed. Kelly banned injury reports, Kiffin followed. Kelly embraced colorful cleats, Kiffin followed.

What happens now? Does he start emulating David Shaw?

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Does Wolf continue to recycle his same garbage jokes and beaten to death points all year or does Wolf start stealing column ideas from Dan Wetzel now that Lev is no longer covering the Trojans?

  • He could follow Adolph Obama !! Sieg Heil !

  • steveg

    Wolf, you are all he has left, it’s gotta be You man

  • I think I read this before. Awwh..Same comments In the story….New Story Title!

  • Colorful cleats and not reporting injuries would include 95% of the head coaches.

    • Golden Trojan

      Not longer reporting injuries (could be a privacy issue), and Kiffin is going back to PM practices. Stupid post Wolf.

  • Scott, who are YOU going to FOLLOW when TJ Simers retires?

  • Wow. Manti Te o COPIED bRuinRob by faking that his girlfriend/wife died. WOW. Who would have thought anyone would copy bRuinSlob?

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    another devastating shot to the trOXans gut by the wolfman!!!

    the trOXans on this site have what appears to be a variant of Battered Wife Syndrome…..no matter how much the wolfman beats them down and berates them, they still COME BACK FOR MORE!!!

    thank you wolfman, may i have another???


  • C Franklin

    When will you Scott realize you are a wannabe writer trying to make a story
    out of nothing again ? Grow up ! This latest is a topper of continuous
    ignorance coming from your mouth. Get over your hate for Kiffin because
    he banned you from practice for awhile last year. If you had half of his brains you would not even bring up such a clueless childish stab as your comments today. Oh I forgot you cannot help yourself…again. Get some mental help.

  • Suddenly Chip Kelly visiting Nico Falah doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore huh

  • betomas

    Your mother.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Well fellow USC supporters, the name Clancy Pendegrast is being reported on CBS sportsite (and the liar is denying it) going thru the process of being hired as the new DC. If true, Kiffin waited this long, boasting it was a big name, and its a former CAL DC whose headcaoch got fired? Let’s add another “underacheiving effort” to Kiffin’s list of underachievements. How many other programs were banging down ol’ Clancy’s front door to hire him?

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    How man times has Scott wolf called Jeff Telford, kiffins mentor. Now he is saying chip Kelly is his mentor. What’s going on here Scott?