• From reading the Deadspin article, I believe he was involved in the hoax. I also believe this will come out and his denial with greatly increase his problems with this.

  • I have learned three things from this (1) The press are very skeptical. They know more details and background. (2) Twitter was made for this kind of thing. I LOL’d all evening. (3) Apparently, sometime between when I was 4 and now, Snuffleupagus stopped being Big Bird’s imaginary friend because none of the 20-somethings knew what the hell I was talking about when I dropped the Snuffiie jokes on them.

    • TrojanFan

      #3 is deep

  • ThaiMex

    Mean while…back at the Ranch…Goat Boy still claims he didn’t know a thing about DEFLATED FOOTBALLS, and denies there was any sort of altercation in the locker room following the loss in El Paso. Goat Boy also says he’s NEVER Heard of Kylie Fitts, doesn’t know anything about changing jerseys, and still blames an incomplete pass by BARNEY during mid-season, as the PRIMARY reason for SUCks UNderachieving season.

    The guy sort of reminds me of that JOE ISUZU character of a few years back. Goat Boy/PeteCarroll are the same sleazy types…EXCEPT Pete sure as hell knew how to use POM POM’S

    (At least you got rid of the embarrassing alcoholic Basketball Coach)
    No Wonder you guys are all arrogant!
    fit on torgans!

    • rusoviet

      I’m waiting for the troll doll of Sam Gilbert to be placed on ‘woodies’ shoulder how about it bra’?

    • grave soul

      Kiff’s heard of kylie fitts, he just doesn’t really care about him playing at sc. Fitts is dispensable to kiff and not a priority.

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      All the Teo talk and you’re still infatuated with “Goatboy” and deflated footballs? You’re truly a low-life! and boring! and LAME as shit! and a geek! and a loser! lmfao seriously get a life, dweeb

      • TrojanFan


    • Thai, once again a stellar post!!!

      alas, however, beating up on these Un-trOXans is about as satisfying as beating a mentally challenged kid in scrabble.

      have we finally knocked the the trOXans down to absolute zero-rock bottom-pinche puto level??

      does the Cadre have anywhere else to go? any further function to carry out??? has our White Whale been landed, gutted and filleted??

      in other words….is this the END OF THE CADRE????

      • TrojanFan

        please medicate…it works

      • steveg

        Yes it is, we have loved having you, now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Takin the little guy with ya?

    • TrojanFan

      Get a new recording, idiot

  • rusoviet

    Biggest problem is he better have phone records showing his alleged three hour phone calls with the ‘girl friend’ or it is lights out.

    • Spedjones

      that’s hardly his biggest issue. Explain how he never skyped her?

    • TrojanFan

      Good point!

  • Sounds like the same hoax bRuinBOOB started about his dead wife.

    • Trojanpete

      Hahaha, that was great times. And then he would claim that he didn’t know her official death date–what’s a few years here or there? And that he had kids with her–after she died. Oh man, the lies kept going.

      I always knew I didn’t like Te’o because he was always going out of his way to get attention. Brian Kelly and the AD have to be the most gullible people in the world. What a fraud.

      • I think the 3 little slobs were made up too!

        • Trojanpete

          For sure. Remember how they were college-age and then magically became elementary-age a year later? And then he was going to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl and sit in a seat that didn’t exist in the stadium?

          • And he lost his ashes when a wind gust came up.

  • Independent_George

    Manti is so in on this. ND sat on this for three weeks in order to set up this BS “hoax” and “catfishing” defense. Press fell for it because the sports press is lazy and it falls neatly within the pre-conceived narrative of ND mythmaking “wake up the echos” BS.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    If an ambulance chaser sits down with Reba (or who ever she is whose picture was used in this hoax), someone is could lose some serious pocket change here.

  • Don’t think Manti woulda had a problem hookin up in LA.. Big Samoan /Mormon population

  • JJ Griffiths

    either he’s in on it…OR he’s crazy. its being reported that his father actually thought Manti MET her a few times. i think he may have some sort of psychological problem.

  • Spedjones

    Manti’s either gay or this was a stunt by ND to get him a sympathy Heisman vote. Either way, beyond anything I’ve ever seen, and that includes by Lane.

  • He’s a fag ( he HAD to have his butt buddy get a scholie, remember ? ) , The NFL doesn’t like fags, it was a cover for him. ” My girlfriend died, I’ll never have another women like her.”

    • TrojanFan

      I think we’re both on the same page

  • rusoviet

    At a minimum Swarbrick should be looking for a new job

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Scenario #1: Girlfriend didn’t die…she dumped Teo for Johnny Football
    Scenario #2: Girlfriend didn’t die..T’eo forgot to pay Comcast and his Internet got disconnected.
    Scenario #3: Missy Conboy believes Reggie Bush is behind the Hoax
    Scenario #4: Girlfriend Lennay K. is spelled alot like Lane K..Hmmm…….

  • Ted

    And here I thought Lane Kiffin was the biggest liar in college football…

  • TrojanFan

    The girlfriend thing was all a distraction to protect his true sexual orientation….Why did you think Robby Toma was part of the package deal

    Character issues are going to pull his draft stock down

    • big surprise, T-Fail thinks he’s gay….wow.

      i have never seen such an ongoing public display of psychological “projection” in all my years of big time Pac 12 sports blogging!!!!

      • TrojanFan

        psychological “projection” = bucket’s bias towards Barkley….just saying

        I think that one backfired on you, nice try

        • what??? uhhhh, if i had a “bias towards Barkley” i would be a fan of his…..and you call me a f-ing idiot? wow. you don’t know what the words projection OR bias mean.

          as Thai would say, great trOXan edjumacation!!!

          • Buhhhh-BAM!

          • TrojanFan

            Don’t hurt yourself!

          • TrojanFan

            bi·as (bs)
            1. A line going diagonally across the grain of fabric: Cut the cloth on the bias.
            2.An unfair act or policy stemming from prejudice.

          • you still don’t make any sense!! double owned?? you pasted google searches but still don’t understand what happened!!!

            omg! you REALLY ARE retarded!

            someone explain this to him! gawd!

            when someone is too stupid to know they have been flattened, what can you do???

          • TrojanFan

            Another classic example of psychological projection…lol!

            Here’s the reality of it all no one on this blog gives a shit what you have to say, just a pathetic ruin troll saying the thing over and over, which to me is RETARDED

            Go climb back up the tree house and have bruinrod put his cock back in your ass, the pleasure is all yours

            PS….if you’re looking for some support put a jockstrap on, one of the special ones, you know what I’m talking about

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Does anyone know where the Charitable contributions collected for the fake girlfriend ended up?

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