USC Guard J.T. Terrell On Oregon Game

“I wouldn’t say there was anything different (with the offense), my teammates just did a great job getting me the ball. There were a lot of emotions tonight even though the things that happened were out of our control.”

– USC guard J.T. Terrell, who scored season-high 22 points

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  • ThaiMex

    Jio Fontan was his usual 1-5 shooting. I hope none of the kids courtside got hurt while he was tossing up those bricks. The Southern Cal campus, even with the added security can be a dangerous place.
    fit on torgan!

    • m00t

      Tell me more about all those Howlands championships

      • USC owns the Rose Bowl

        BUUURNN!! “basketball school” on though, thai!!! ROFL

      • Bill

        They are right there next to Petey and Lame Kitten’s championships!

      • Bill

        According to SuC’s definition of a dynasty, the Howland era is a dynasty!

        • m00t

          Do most dynasties end with getting pwned twice in a row by the same Florida team with Noah and Brewer? Seriously, there were exactly zero adjustments in an entire year. I thought I was watching the previous year’s final four. By that definition I guess Tim had a dynasty too. See what happens when everything drops down to your level tard?