Kevin O’Neill’s Exit Interview

We hear USC coach Kevin O’Neill was fired Monday morning in a meeting that lasted about 20 seconds.

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  • NotAFanOfYou

    That’s about how long it takes you to research and put in any effort into your daily posts WolfPutz

  • another sweeeeeet scoooop, wolfman!!

    so Monte’s confused, Kiff’s a liar, O’Neil has a small drinking promblem, and Bounce Pass Haden is a classless piece of crap who won’t give KOJ the respect he deserved after giving 4 yes of his life to Southern Cal….wow.

    at least you have COOOOOOOOOP!!! HAWR-HAWR-HAWR!! he combines all these elements into one coach!!! and he’ll outlast all the above!!!


  • nard doggie

    Dateline Hollywood:

    is…it…true…the “nard dog” has been banned???

    (Dragnet theme)

    say what??

    Yeah I did.

    (that’s “yeah HE did”)


    Is it true, the Wolf has banned nard dog for vulgar, juvenile antics?

    Watch out T-Fail, you may be next on the Cadre’s list.

    Stay tuned…

    (Dragnet theme– fade out)

    • NOBS

    • so nard dog IS banned !!!!

      sugar sweeeeeet, banhammer, wolfman!!!

      straighten up and fly right, NUBSIE, or you’re next!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Shit dude, how many different handles do you need to hide behind, weid

  • CPEM

    The “we” Scott is referring to is him and Lennay Kekua.

  • Independent_George

    Bucket’s trolling aside, this doesn’t surprise me. O’Neill knew he was gone before the season began. I can imagine the scene:

    Haden: I am sorry, Kevin, but I am going to have to fire you

    O’Neill: Yeah, well, what are you gonna do. Look, I would like to chat, but I need to get going. Traffic on the 405 is a bitch.

  • Haden’s lucky KO didn’t KO both he and Lopes. Let’s see, it was 8am, so KO and the Mrs likely had 4 Bloody Marys by then.