Mr. Coffee Exits Chicago

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The Chicago Bears announced assistant coach Jeremy Bates, USC’s offensive coordinator in 2009, will not return. If you are new to the blog, I nicknamed Bates “Mr. Coffee” because he forced USC to take a coffee maker on road trips so he could drink three cups before every game.


    thats a cool story.

  • betomas

    Ya killing me, Laaaarrrryyy (i.e. Scott Wolf)!!!!

  • Brad Hutchings

    I wonder if he is a Keurig guy. If he is, I would strongly recommend that he try the AeroPress. All he needs to make that work is hot water (165°) and it really makes a better cup of coffee. $30ish at Amazon.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Hey Scott, how are the SC players who are actually playing right now doing? How are those East-West Shrine practices going? Not there? Don’t really care? Waiting for your “sources” to tell you how the practices are going? I know, I know, snarky blogging is tiring stuff. Multi-tasking is for the suckers who buy into everything the SC athletic department feeds them. Cynical sniping 3 times a week is way harder than trying to stay on top of actual developments, talking to people, etc.

  • Vladimir Smackula

    Anozer goot vun Vulfman!

    AH! AH! AH!

  • Ted

    maybe bates can come back as the offensive coordinator….he would be better than what Southern Cal has…maybe not he has the same Denny’s menu that Kiffin always has his nose in.

  • calexrose

    they fired everybody the only who they wanted back was possibly marinelli.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Is Wolf still trying to make “Mr. Coffee” happen?

  • Tom Oday

    Brings back memories of Bates and Carroll on the sidelines, before and after, the “time out” play vs. UC Los Angeles. Classic you-tube material.

  • B.Miller

    USC should incorporate a Spread Pass offense into their Pro Type Offense..Switch it up a little