About The Linebackers Coaching Position

If Clancy Pendergast wants to hire the linebackers coach (and is allowed to by Lane Kiffin), one person who probably is not a candidate is his linebackers coach at Cal, Kenwick Thompson, who was recently hired as defensive coordinator at San Jose State.

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  • Golden Trojan

    Why would a guy take a demotion when he just got hired as DC Wolf. Joe Barry is staying with the Chargers so Wolf you can quit talking about him. Let’s hope Pendergast gets the guy he wants.

    • TrojanFan

      Read between the lines, it’s just another dig directed at Kiffin

  • steveg

    It looks more like idiocy in print.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Is a DC position at San Jose St. considered a promotion from Linebacker coach at a Division 1 school? I don’t think so……………

    • gillyking

      SJ St. would have given the Trojans all they wanted, had they met in the last 6wks of the season.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    U think he wouldn’t leave San Jose state in a heart beat Scott? I think ur crazy to think he wouldn’t want to come to usc. But I’m sure they’ll find someone better with nfl experience.

    • gillyking

      C P is a linebacker guy.. He might coach them up himself

  • grave soul

    There are these things called “contracts” that people sign that equate to legally binding agreements. To buy out a newly inked contract is not only difficult, it’s very expensive. Contrary to popular belief, SC does not have an infinite amount of resources (hell, the endowment is relatively modest when compared to other universities w/ similar or fewer overall student numbers). Knowledgeable fans and boosters have even made comments about this. SC is in no position to be buying contracts out, especially with revenue losses from a failed football season amd the anticipation of more bad seasons to come.

    • gillyking

      Were CLK’s contract to be bought out, it would most likely happen due to alumni booster grievances, and thus via the generosity of an alumni booster or combination there-of.
      There is no shortage of money at USC when it comes to the football program! There will start to be, however if Haden continues on with this childish out of his league numbskull Lane Kiffin,

      • grave soul

        No one is talking about Kiffin. He’ll be at SC at least another season. I was referring to commenters below who are asking if K. Thompson’s brand new contract with SJ St. can be bought out–very rare, difficult, and hardly ever worth the trouble.

        • gillyking

          Sorry, I just took your statement as a half assed dissertation on your skills and knowledge of “contracts” regardless of the irrellevance to this particular discussion because there is little if any issue with $$ as it applies to the football program especially in the fiscal terms of Kenwick Thompson’s little contract at SJ St. Were in no way talking about the numbers of say, the wasted funds handed over to Monte.
          If the program wanted to buy Kenwick’s contract out, some booster would simply pull his “walking around” roll out and make it happen.
          The real issue, and the crux of this entire thread is the disaster that our program is in, and that is specifically due to Lane Kiffin and the solutions actually begin with his ouster.