Winners And Losers Of The Week

Time to see who had a good and bad week.


Bob Cantu: Gets long awaited chance to be head coach.

Clancy Pendergast: Out of a job but hired as USC defensive coordinator.

Pat Haden: Sheds image he cannot pull trigger firing coaches.

Scottie Hazelton: USC linebackers struggled this season and he gets promotion at Nevada.

Thomas Duarte: Wide receiver committed to UCLA might get scholarship offer to USC.

Lane Kiffin: The big dog (Chip Kelly) has left the Pac-12.


Kevin O’Neill: Fired after victory over Utah.

Lane Kiffin: With Kevin O’Neill fired, all focus is now on his performance.

Manti Te’o: Doesn’t go to USC but story so big it gets mentioned here.

Notre Dame: Te’o story is drawing scrutiny to other incidents in past two years.

Michael Cooper: Nearly upset Cal but team is still 7-9 overall.


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  • Add Pete Carroll to the winner list for passing on that clown Te’o and his little buddy Toma. What a giant stink bomb he dropped on the Irish! #WinForever

    • Spedjones

      Aha, that’s some serious revisionist history there. Pete cried when Manti picked ND, and so did every trogan fan out there. And Manti’s little friend caught several passes in NDs victory over SC this year, so yeah, good points all around! Lose on!

      • I think you should look back in the archives of this blog. Most of us thought it was a severe character problem for Manti to come in here with a 2-for-1 request. But hey… The good news with the new NCAA rules is that Manti and Robby could have gotten married, and the school could now offer Robby financial assistance without it counting against the schollie limits or having to let him suit up.

        • Spedjones

          Did woods catch 2 passes for 34 yards? Haha. Losers!

      • SoCal_Native_59

        What a dumbass, or is 2 catches for 34 yards your idea of a big game, “several catches”.

  • NotAFanOfYou

    You forgot Scott Wolf on the loser list…but then again you are on that list every week.

  • miguelito

    speaking of losers.. hey losers! listen up.


    I can’t wait to see clancy’s d run ragged after kiffers new qb fails to move the chains. You heard it here first:
    The mighty Norm Chow and his Hawaii warriors will prevail vs limbo u right out the gate.

    0-1 to start the season

    Fit on!!

    • Cheap seats

      Meanwhile, Miguelito has never been inside the Rose Bowl.

      • marvgoux1

        Miguelito also said Robey would never go pro early.

        • TrojanFan

          He also said he was documented

      • TrojanFan

        Work on the street was he worked for a janitoral company that serviced the Rose Bowl….ouch!

  • TrojanFan


    Scott Wolf: Always a day late with relevant information

  • Winners:


    • Spedjones

      Wake me when SC beats UCLA at something this year.

      • Wake me up when Fucla wins a NC in FB. Rip Van Winkle. Hahaha. Loser.

  • Umm, Clancy Pendergast belongs in the loser category.

  • calling nard dog!!!!


    where are you??