USC Has 11 Commitments In Rivals’ List Of Top 100 Players released its final top 100 players list this morning and USC currently has 11 players committed in the top 100. USC also has 6 of the top 27 and 8 of top 54 players. Full list here.

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  • Spedjones

    killer list indeed. Too bad for SUC that you can’t build a program on 11 players.

    • BearBryant3

      there probably is a way. but most college coaches wouldn’t do it. Crazy I didn’t see one ucla commit

      • Spedjones

        there will be 3. Goodman, Willis and EV.

    • Troy

      Dumb, dumb. That number is not the overall commits. SW is saying where these players rank in the tier.

      Manti Te’o = Spedjones lol lol lol…there’s a world outside the internet. Time to get out of mommy’s basement and physically find someone to talk to. But I guess I have no idea what I’m talking about since your Bruin buddies claim all of you to be “professional trolls”. Lol lol Keep continuing to hold pride with that. It’ll get you far in life.

      • Spedjones

        silly troy, I understand that SUC will have a few more. My point is that 15 scholarships a year, even to all 5* guys, is a killer. Particularly when Lane’s still not doing a good job of spreading offers to fill positions of need. And none of this even touches on the fact that Lane has already proven he can’t win no matter how many 5* kids are on his roster. LOL.

        BTW, nothing like a good chastising from an internet bb poster. I feel so down now – you have definitely given me something to think about. HAHA, clown.

        • steveg

          you actually recognized a put down toward you? there’s a first.

    • steveg

      too bad you people can’t build a program with 100’s.

    • Sure you can. They just have to be the right 11 players.

  • Golden Trojan

    Open question people, Does the star rating only a measure of physical talent or is mental aptitude factored in here? We have a ton of physical talent running around but pretty poor when it comes to mental mistakes and ream pride. I would rather have a 3-4 star who plays smart, works hard, and is a team player.

    • Spedjones

      Lane doesn’t recruit with that in mind. It’s all ** and nothing else. 5 – 5* WRs on the roster? 7 5* RBs? Sure, why not. No OL, meh, who cares.

    • Cheap seats

      the star rating is on FOOTBALL talent. However, it’s tougher since many will get recruited as “ATH” or even switch positions. So in some ways, it IS on physical attributes.

      Didn’t Marcus Allen get recruited as a DB even though he played QB in high school?

      • steveg

        Don’t get to deep for these jucla trolls.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Wow, this is an arrogant slap in the face to Bruin Nation!

    • Yes, but the bRuins have coach Lessa, another turd.

      • Spedjones

        Now you’re just being crazy.

  • MichiganTrojan

    UCLA only gets in the top 20 because they’re able to scoop up the local guys USC normally takes with 25 scholarships (Goodman, Willis, Huarte), as well as offer a shoulder to guys who get f***ed over with the Scholarship/EE math (Fitts, Massington, LaRue). The only guy on the list who Mora would have genuinely “won” away from USC would be Vanderdoes, if he goes.

    Other than that, I like SC’s list – sounds like the weekend visit solidified Hutchings, Falah, Rodgers, Mitchell, Hatcher, and most likely Ramsey (which would be a relief). If they have three more spots open and can nab some combo of Robinson, Thomas, Powell, the Robinson twins, Harrison, Vanderdoes, and Fitts, it will be a particularly amazing class, especially given all the adversity the program has faced the last 3 months or so (which Scott has reveled and helpd to fan the flames, it’s worth mentioning).

    • Spedjones

      Didn’t know Willis was local. I guess Phoenix is California in the geography classes at SC! And no, he never wanted to be a Trogie.

      Re EV, he’s gone from SC too. Robinson twins? Which one tweeted he couldn’t wait to get home from his visit? Lol.

      Real reason lanes still able to grab OOS talent is because they’re not yet aware what a cluster eff his program has become. Still recruiting off Pete and his results. But good luck with that!

      • ThaiMex

        nice work sped……These knuckleheads don’t like it when facts get in the way.
        Fit UN Torgans

        • MichiganTrojan

          Apparently spelling isn’t as important to you as facts.

        • steveg

          we learned from the best at jucla, deny, deny, deny. How many rapes this week at #1 Crime U.

      • MichiganTrojan

        No, Phoenix is local if you recruit nationally Sped. It’s as much of a backyard geographically as Vegas or the Bay area for us. It’s okay though, only a few programs have that mentality in college football -certainly not UCLA – so I understand if you fell the need to be sarcastic about it.

        Real reason he’s still able to grab the talent is because anybody who can rub two sticks together knows that you recruit to the school and to the program. Not a hard sell, we were doing fine in that department long before the PC era.

      • Who the fuck takes a geography class in college?

        The best part about this is the second Kiffin can’t recruit well anymore (and quite possibly before), he’ll be gone. Boosters won’t accept sustained mediocrity.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      We really need another CB, an OL would be great. If we end up with 2 unsigned that may work out. Next years OL class is deep and has more and better talent than this years; if we have a couple EE to offer in 2014 I wouldn’t mind. What everyone needs to understand it getting back to 85 after we get by the sanctions (2014) will be iffy. I think we’ll need a year or two after 2014 to get back. Likewise people need to look back at bama after their sanctions, 7-5, 6-6 seasons before they started coming back. SMU shut down the program. Kiff is in unpresedented territory here. You can bet you ass the U is paying attention to whats going on, their next. Oregon may want to get ready also.

      • Cheap seats

        Agreed at CB. I thought Isiah Wiley had a future here.

        Do you think we’re ok at MLB? They really should have Dawson wear a different jersey number.

        • SoCal_Native_59

          He didn’t earn 55. He may someday, but not yet.


      a Michigan trogon what an OXYMORON. LoL!!!!! every Sanitation Committee fan has those delusions of grandeur. Not every Big Time Recruit has visions of walking into the Coliseum behind a guy ride a horse bare back, wearing a skirt on Saturdays. FAIL ON!!!

      • Right. They’d rather follow some 70 year old dressed in his 1950 cheerleader’s uni and followed by a towel waving fool. 8 Klap

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          U R mad because he’s in better shape than your couch drunk ass. I see U R still bragging about the ” I.E.” U Insidious Excrement. LoL!!!! U R too stupid to know when someone is insulting U without using expletives. What an idiot… LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Cheap seats

            Still can’t believe you guys gave him the boot.

            Geoff actually chatted it up with a few of us in the tailgate area at famous stabbing game in 2010. Cool guy. That was really knit picky to get rid of him based on mentioning Al Queda???

          • Someone in the dept wanted to get rid of the fool for YEARS. He’s dumb as a rock and got his head stuffed in toilets in high school, like brucrew, spud and TheMex.

          • Cheap seats

            Ok.. Didn’t hear about that.

            Kudos on doing the Marathons. its on my bucket list. I have trouble with 2 a day..can’t imagine 25 more to go!

          • Marathon runner douche bag. Way too smart for an GED holder like you. Bagel On.

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            Marathon binges of consuming bath salts and meth,followed by a night cap of incestuous acts necrophilia dose not a Marathon runner. U R just an infinite creep.

  • Did my eyes fail me? Not one player in the Top100 to Fucla?

    • SoCal_Native_59

      That will change they are in on a few. This HS recruiting drama is getting pretty crazy. Anyone who hangs there dreams on what a 17-18 year old kid will do is asking for heartburn. It’s interesting to follow but pretty much equates to reality TV. Until they sign anything can happen.

  • ProbationU

    SC would clearly have the top class if it were 7 man football. Great talent with little depth. Rankings are all over the board at this point. Scoreboard is the only ranking that matters.

    • steveg

      rankings dont mean shit.

  • alcatraz

    Hey Scott, whatever happened with Bigelow. Has he enrolled.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      NCAA still reviewing his HS transcripts. Last word was he should enroll before the 24th.

    • Cheap seats

      Scott is the last person on earth you should be asking. With this blog, the posters know more than the author! (no joke)