Does Oregon Need To Renovate Its Football Office

Now that Chip Kelly is gone, will new coach Mark Helfrich want Lane Kiffin on his wall?


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  • JJ Griffiths

    now THAT is funny. talk about Kelly not being in on the joke. he needs to have Steve Sarkisian call him and let him in on the Pac12 coach speak….not that it matters any more šŸ˜‰

  • So if Kiffin feels this way, why not change his offense to something like Oregon’s? SC has the athletes, they’d just have to recruit dual-threat QBs. I think NFL-pride gets in the way. But now more NFL teams are even doing it a little.

    • Cheap seats

      Many have tried, but NONE are able to put up the points that CK’s teams have put up.

      I have a feeling that CK could’ve ran almost any offense and scored points. He’s absolutely obsessed with execution and tempo unlike our guy who will put together a lackluster opening script of bubble screens then all of a sudden try to run the ball.

      No matter the formation, Oregon wants to RUN the ball. They are something like 3:1 run-to-pass. Even 3rd and 7 is a running down.

      The other genius thing about CK’s offense: hurry up to the line of scrimmage…something like a play every 10 seconds or so. Not only are the defenses getting tired, but the 60 year-old refs don’t catch the illegal motion, offsides, etc. They’re one of the least penalized teams for a good reason.

    • USC has built their brand as building NFL ready type of players. They will never move to a spread read option offense. But they could incorporate some type of spread pass plays into their NFL pro Style offense

  • betomas

    He’s keeping this sign. After all, it’s just a sign that refers to Oregon’s domination over USC, while taking a stab at Kiffin. Why would Helfrich remove it? Kiffin would always say that the next team SC was playing was amazing, all in anticipation of losing so his critics wouldn’t be so harsh.

  • Ted

    Well they will have to when Kiffin is no longer the HC of SC… they will have to change it to HC of Sisters of the poor or something.

  • realtrojan

    Don’t look now, but come next season, just about all of Pac-12 teams’ locker room walls will be painted with the flattery and praises uttered by Lane Kiffin, Yeah, he’s THAT good at looking even the average teams look like world beaters. lol.

  • Who Cares!