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USC safety T.J. McDonald intercepted a pass from North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon during Monday’s first practice at the Senior Bowl. That did not impress the author this recap of practice.

McDonald measured 6-2.3 and 211 pounds. Center Khaled Holmes, who accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl, is not attending.

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  • Spedjones


    • Cheap seats

      How did Jetski do? He’s showing up on mock drafts as getting picked way too late for how good he is.

  • Trojanpete

    Pretty much the same scouting report as his father. Slow, can’t change direction quickly. But his old man was a Pro Bowler for a reason–he was smart and he knew how to play.

    • Cheap seats

      Just hope he doesn’t get picked by the Raiders. That’s where safeties go to be a bust (Gibson, Huff, Bates, even our very own Bing)

      • Trojanpete

        Bing left a year too soon. He listened to all of the pundits who told him he was a 1st rounder and he slipped to the 4th. But the Raiders converted him to LB and that didn’t work out. Huff has done well as a converted corner.

        I’d love for the Niners to get McDonald if he’s available in the 2nd or 3rd round as they have Carolina’s pick in the 3rd. They need depth and while he isn’t nearly as fast as Whitner, he does come from great lines. His old man was a great leader and a very smart guy. I remember George Seifert saying McDonald was the one guy who could go from being a player straight to being an NFL head coach.

        • Cheap seats

          Yes…the OG “Tmac” was a stud.

          Among his kids, Tevin may actually have better ball skills and more coverage ability while TJ is clearly the better tackler.

        • Cheap seats

          btw – I’m a Raiders fan and the consensus has been that Huff wasn’t worth the 7th overall pick. His play at CB has been average at best.

          For an average corner, you get them in the later rounds and pay them 1/3 of Huff’s salary.

          In hindsight, Al Davis actually wanted Matt Leinart instead of Huff, but Art Shell insisted on the pick.

          • Trojanpete

            Right, he wasn’t worth the pick most certainly. Of course, Leinart wasn’t either. But good ol Al loved them speed burners and that’s what Huff was at the combine–a safety with lots of speed.

      • It’s where a lot of people go to be a bust…

        • Cheap seats

          Dont remind me…

          as much flak Davis got for drafting athletes, Even the “can’t miss” guys like Robert Gallery and Rolondo McClain are busts.

  • MichiganTrojan

    That scout wrote like he was hungover. TJ was a 5 star safety coming out of HS, and has been a 4 year starter. His first 3 years he was considered too physical, now after his 4th year, he can’t tackle and is too slow, he’s “top-cut”. They wanted him to be more of “ball-hawk” even tough he plays center field on a Tampa 2, and spends half the season playing against spread options.

    I think the rule is, never play the full 4 years. How many juniors – especially on defense, and particularly in the secondary – have ever graded out better as a senior by these analysts with an additional year of film, or compared to guys who are comparably greener? Robey made the right decision, get to the draft while these types are still obsessed with potential.

    For TJ, he’ll do well in the NFL, guaranteed. He may fall to the second round, but I bet he’ll make up for it with the second contract. Fight on TJ.

  • sbooth44

    Scott, you’re anti-USC bias is very obvious. Do you spend all night looking for only negative reports on USC football? I do not believe TJ is a 1st round caliber safety, but he is not doing as bad as you report at the Senior Bowl:

    From Draft Countdown: “USC S T.J. McDonsald showed that he wasn’t afraid to get physical, coming up to help support
    the run and even taking on the blocks of far bigger offensive linemen.
    McDonald is also an imposing figure on the field physically.”

  • Mc Donald played in an uncomplimentary defense for his skills.. Hope he has more success in the NFL.