Sanders Fired?

There are some Internet reports that USC secondary coach Marvin Sanders was fired. This couldn’t possibly be true because Lane Kiffin said Sanders is the “best secondary coach in the nation” and Kiffin never lies.

8 thoughts on “Sanders Fired?

  1. Just saw this…and here we go with the coaching shuffle, as I mentioned in past posts. Scottie Hazelton was not as much of a big deal, but Sanders made major improvements in the secondary, including 19 picks this past season…hate to see him fired. Who’s next to get the axe in Kiffin’s Kingdom? Just wait and see.

  2. Wolf, ever notice how the jucla trolls are the only people that appreciate your repeated shots on Kiffin. You are sick dude, only the trolls will be here before long.

  3. I wasn’t impressed with him as a coach, but was it him as a DB coach, or the system they were playing in? Besides I would think the new DC would like to place his assistants in the LB coaching and DB coaching spots

  4. Scott is would not be at all unusual for the new DC to want his own position coaches. Ther are report from “real” reports that cCP will coach DB’s this spring and will hire a new LB coach. I was happy to see the DB’s pick more passes off but I think they were not as good in the overall game, they often allowed big plays on 3rd down and did not take good angles after the catch. Overall most the football people I have talked to think this is a good hire and they tell me cCP will coach up the DB’s.

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