What’s Up With USC Losing Defensive Line Recruits?

First Eddie Vanderdoes decommitted. Then Kylie Fitts was told to wait a semester to enroll and decommitted. Today, Jason Hatcher decommitted. And there is buzz that Torrodney Prevot will decommit.

Does Ed Orgeron still coach the defensive line?

28 thoughts on “What’s Up With USC Losing Defensive Line Recruits?

  1. I am shocked….ANOTHER SCUm decommit? At this rate, what will you have
    left at the end of recruiting? I suppose all the GOAT BOY SLEAZY stuff
    is beginning to take its toll. Again, I am shocked! The good news is
    that Hatcher was a FOUR STAR recruit, so with him out of the picture,
    the SUCks star recruiting avg, actually goes up! (don’t worry, there’s
    hundreds of guy’s who’d love to pick up a scholie, with your VERY
    FORGIVING ADMISSION STANDARDS, just as soon as they are released from
    jail) You guys are smarter than I give you credit for. I suppose it’s
    just like attendance at SUCks Basketball games…Even though you have
    ONLY 27 people in attendance, they are 27 of the VERY BEST…so your 27
    is better than 11,000 being drawn at another school? Addition by
    subtraction! Brilliant, fuc%ing brilliant! The MAJOR flaw…I
    guess….was when your 75 got your a$$es kicked by our 85!
    fit on torgans!
    (who’s gonna decommit next?…I love the way the 2 guys that left early badmouthed Goat Boy on their way out! TORGANS FOR LIFE!)

    • I am shocked…ANOTHER troll comment? At this rate, you’ll continue having NO social life! I mean, you comment on a USC blog every day despite HATING everything about USC. It’s like you hate them SOOO much you just can’t get them off the brain! And does it make your life more satisfying? LOL how pathetic are you?!?

      Where will you comment next? …Oh, I dunno, Probably on the next post Wolf writes. BEcause THAT’s what YOU DO! (TROLL FOR LIFE!)

  2. classic THAI!!!

    es en FUEGO, hombre!!!
    (you’re on FIRE, man!!!)

    another UN-commit!!!

    oh, MERCY NURSE!!!! the Cadre is not done SCATTERING THE PIECES!!!

  3. USC is going to be playing a lot of 3-4 next year. Unless the DE’s that are decommitting can play LB it’s probably a wise choice on there part.

    • that’s a classic myopic response. I suppose Fitts wouldn’t have been a good fit in sc’s 3-4. He should fit well in UCLA’s modified 3-4 defense.

      • From what I’ve read, CP (lol) runs mixed schemes, and changes depending on personnel. I guess we’ll see next month if kiffin actually has a plan. If the theory is to run 3-4 heavy, and it works, nobody’s going to care about these guys. However…

        • Who are “these guys?” elaborate please.

          sc will rise again. with team sports it starts with the coaches, coaches who can properly get the guys trained, then placing them in positions to succeed.

          All UCLA BRUIN fans would like to see kiffy stay there for live. There are lots of guys who would love to play for sc, I’m not sure lots of guys really want to play for kiffy and this coaching staff. As long as kiffy is in place, lots of guys will look other places because kiffy is always connected to some drama. Kids and their parents pay attention to that.

          • Referred to dline decommits. If we do stick a hard 3-4 we and the recruits (who i think were mostly de) are better off. The point is none of this shit would matter if we win(won?).

          • ok. If that’s how U feel. I’ll accept your take. Please answer this for me. If U have a coaching staff that does not appear to be stable, could not pull in the best position coaches or could not keep high quality football players, how much wining do U really expect at the end of the 2013 football season?

          • Not much. I assume there will be a learning period with 3-4 adjustment (or any d adjustment), and a new qb and a few new oline players. We should be good enough at the end of the year, although I’m not going to make predictions in january.

          • U have to have dominate D-line ballers to make the 3-4 work. U have 3 guys occupying 4 or more O-linemen on several plays to allow to blitz to work and the L-Backers to tackle for loses or run effective zone coverage.

          • You have no idea what you’re talking about( that doesn’t surprise me) Try watching some teams that play a true base 3-4, but then again you may not understand what you’re actually watching. When it comes to X’s and O’s you’re out in left field….lost the glove again….ouch!

            Have you at least seen the 3-4 that Pendergast runs?….just what I thought!

            At the very least stick to what you know, trolling the competitio’s blog

        • that’s the advantage of running the 3-4. U can always mix things up. It’s a very tricky defense.

    • There is no certainty that USC will be running strictly a 3-4 defense. Coach O will still want to run a 4-3 for his D-Line. Pendergast has experience with both

  4. Where’s BandwagonFan (TrojanFail) when you need him? BandwagonFan, are you ready to give some more credit where credit is due?
    More decommits, just like my inside source told me. As I wrote in a past post, my source said that there would be bad news in terms of more 4 and 5 star decommits and in terms of the coaching staff by the end of the month and I’m hearing it’s still going to get worse. (sigh)

    • great info Betomas. “scrapes” is gonna be m.a.d. at U. he/she/it might call U juvenile names….. be careful. “scrapes” is a joke. sc will get better when they get rid of kiffy. I’m sure after hearing the lates sc bad news Orenthal had to be moved to a padded cell.

      • SC fires a coach and CREW’S pimple gets all inflame…..pathetic……But have no fear, bucket is on the way to soothe the situation

  5. Just look at the amount of negative things that have happened since they went to AZ with a 6-1 record. 1-4 finish, deflating footballs, an embarrassing bowl trip, and more than a handful of top recruits leaving for all kinds of reasons. It never ends. Sorry Lane, you lost control of your so-called dream job, and you’ve brought shame to the Trojan program. People can only stand by someone for so long before you have to call a spade a spade. Mr. Haden, start your contact now with Pat Fitzgerald and do whatever it takes to bring him to LA and make this program proud again, and a place where the best players want to play.

  6. Everyone should just hold their judgement til signing day…we are usc. That will never change. We had one bad year. Well be back, and when we are, Scott wolf will have nothing to write about anymore. Scott wolf is a hater.

  7. I dont care how you look at it.. Losing D-Lineman hurts.. they have to some how build this position. Its the only way to beat teams like Stanford and Oregon

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