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USC athletic director Pat Haden released a statement yesterday to emphasize how important he considers football.

Money quote: “I am optimistic that we can turn this thing around with Lane Kiffin at the helm. All of us at USC are working hard to do that.”

Full statement after the jump:

“I care as much about USC football as any of our fans. I completely understand the passion, and sometimes disappointment, fans can have. I share their disappointment. I am a fan too. I went to my first USC game as a 10-year-old with my father. I played here. I was a captain here. I realize that we have some challenges ahead of us, but I am optimistic that we can turn this thing around with Lane Kiffin at the helm. All of us at USC are working hard to do that.

“I also fully understand where football fits in the USC fabric. My job, however, is broader than one sport. I am as concerned about the basketball players, golfers and rowers as I am the football players. It is our job as administrators to cultivate an environment where every student-athlete is having an experience on and off the field that will shape him or her for the rest of their life.

“I believe that we can be consistently successful in every sport. I am optimistic about what I see for the next 12 months in our athletic programs.”

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  • MichiganTrojan

    Queue the self-loathing, mentally disturbed UCLA fans in 3,2,1…..

    • Spedjones

      Funny how Trogies can think only of UCLA these days. Lose on!

      • MichiganTrojan

        Next up…

    • I have stayed away from this site because of this for awhile. Not surprised that its even more now. Question however, why do you give a frack and comment? And I do find it hilarious that someone says Trojans think about UCLA, when he’s on this Trojan site daily.

  • dtksr1

    Somebody please donate to Pat Haden a pair of dark sunglasses he can wear and hook him up to a spare seeing-eye dog, if there is one free of need today. He sees nothing wrong with Lane Kiffin being USC’s headcoach. Now we know why Max Nikias hired Mr. Haden: to be a paid optimist as the AD… and sit across from a reporter and proclaim the USC overall sports program is in great shape, thank you very much. Where’s my payroll check?
    And some of you say this is a better hire than MG?

    • dtksr1

      You don’t think MG wouldn’t be all over Kiffin right now, even if he hired Kiffin? Haden claims most USC supporters think only of USC football. Who do you think feels the same way; Haden or MG?

  • I still would like to see USC hire an OC. To much has become of beating up of Kiffin, and I have even done it, but were stuck with him, so Kiffin needs to surround himself with top assistant

  • WingsHD

    Pretty much knew that Kiffin would be back this year even though most of us was hoping for a miracle. Haden has to force him to hire a OC with play calling responsibility. Kiffin has shown he isn’t to good at it. He got he’s pub because he was under Chow and Sark. Those guys made the decisions.