• Spedjones

    He’s not confused. He’s a dawg.

  • ThaiMex

    Paging,….. Abe “Deli’Meat” Markowitz…Goat Boy is all of the sudden inquiring about you being available for next season.
    Let bygones be bygones…Besides, Goat Boy (Joe Izusu) was only kidding when he said you weren’t welcome back.
    fit on LIMBO U!!!!

  • QueenKiff

    If Falah bolts that leaves the Rodgers as the only OL for this class. Rodgers honestly isn’t that good. Slow footed, short, and if he starts he’ll only get time on the interior.

    • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

      This partly has to do with Kiffin’s leadership, what the recruits witnessed seeing in the games and that is also about James Cregg’s coaching. Both are hurting this program… Of course Pat Haden doesn’t see a problem at all…

  • ThaiMex

    Priest Willis BABY!!!!! Tahaan Goodman Baby!!!!
    How’d you knuckleheads do today? Any more de-commits?
    (BTW…the Light At the End of the Tunnel is a TRAIN!)
    Fit on Torgan buddy’s!

  • Thai you are running all up in this blog like a bull through a Chinese shop!!!

    the trOXans are feeling a bit Booty Busted these days???

    oh i can feel it!! there are more UN-comits coming!!!

  • Let em go. They’ll regret it. 2-14 says it all.

    • Spedjones

      Actually, UW is where he will go. And really, 38-28 is what all the kids are discussing in LA now….explains why your class is so thin on local talent. Really, only 4 local guys in the entire class right now. Trogies should be very worried about this.

      • Now now kids, remember what all that 13-9 talk bought you.

        • Spedjones

          If you don’t see the difference, you deserve everything lane gives you!

          • And if you don’t, you deserve every part of the last ten years.

  • My guess is Falah will de-commit and chhose Washington. If Falah had his heart set on USC, he would not be confused. You notice UCLA has had almost no decommitments? and no one is confused? expect at leat 3 more decommitments from USC before the NLOI day…and expect UCLA to be in the top-3 maybe even at the top spot.

  • You Bruin fans have one “OK” year and boy do you guys run off at the mouth..
    When was the last time UCLA won a conference? When was the last time UCLA actually finished in the the top 5 in any poll? How about ranked in the top 5?
    Its funny.. Well enjoy it! HATERS!