Recruiting Question Of The Day

Does it matter to you that defensive end Jason Hatcher, Sebastian LaRue, Eldridge Massington, safety Max Redfield,  defensive linemen Kylie Fitts and defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes decommitted for one reason or another?

Or is USC’s class good enough to withstand defections? Or do you think Fitts or Vanderdoes ends up at USC on Signing Day?

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  • All are solid recruits, but it’s based on necessity. USC gets a limited amount of scholarships, so not all defections will hurt. SC Does NOT need WR’s so (La Rue / Massington) decommiting does not hurt. It opens scholarships
    that are needed. Losing Redfield hurt, but I heard he wanted to play WR as
    DL & DB is a position of need right now. Losing Vandross has been the biggest defection, and will hurt if he does not sign. Fitts would probably redshirt to be honest with you!

    • Also, if Redfield didn’t leave, we likely would not have been in this Fitts situation as well.

  • No

  • Spedjones

    What will the story be with the next few recruits? Isaac? Prevot? Ramsey and maybe even Falah now that SC is firing coaches? None are necessary, right? LOL.

  • QueenKiff

    I’m not sure Ramsey hangs around either. This was the worst time to lose the DB coach given that was his main one-on-one recruiter. It especially matters if these guys go onto rival schools, get coached up by better staffs, and land blows against us on field. At least Chip Kelley isn’t getting his mitts on these guys.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Tee Martin isrecruiting Ramsey. It looks like cCP will coach the DB’s. They have a inhouse tomorrow. If he does bring in a DB coach for fall I hope the Sammy Knight gets a look.

  • ThaiMex

    These guys are defecting faster than a RUSSIAN during the Cold War. FIVE STAR Jalen Ramsey is the latest to say no, no, no! I suppose he didn’t want to compete, or his Scholarship was needed by someone from another position, or…he probably would have to Red Shirt anyway, or, U Stupid Cheaters have a silent commit waiting in the wings or MAYBE, just MAYBE he has realized SUCks is the laughing stock of College Football and When you look up the word “SLEAZY” in the dictionary, Goat Boys Picture appears.
    LIMBO U, there’s just no telling how low you can go!
    fit on torgans!


      Damn it Boy!!!!! U ripped them a new one!!!! Just picked up Tahaan Goodman’s commitment. GO BRUINS!!!!!!!

      • Tahan Goodman signed, Priest Willis is next tonight at 6:00 PM…soon to follow Eddie Vanderdoes and Keily Fitts…we already tearing a new ass hole on these trojies, and we haven’t even started to pick up steam!!!
        Who was the fool that was posting all over on here about a year ago that the 10 scholarship reductions would not hurt the program??? what a tool!
        Anyone heard from “Our 75 is better than your 85” or that POS “USC owns the Rose Bowl”?

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          these buffoons will post just about anything for the sake of posting something. Who says dumb stuff like that and actually mean it?…… fans. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Will they play on yom kipper? Hahahahaha

    • Is Ramsey official? Links or it didn’t happen

      • Spedjones

        Not if but when…

        • …I said ‘is’ not ‘if’.

          Who’s your money on, Gators or Seminoles?

  • MichiganTrojan

    Need to wait until signing day to answer. Those scholarships are going to be given to someone. We’ll have to measure up who we get versus who got away. This is nothing to hyperventilate about, there are ALWAYS de-commits, especially in the weeks right before signing day. Hell, spedjones de-committed from his brain and his job long long ago and he’s doing just fine in his mom’s living room. There’s always a silver lining!

  • gillyking

    Redfield was a huge loss. He knew that he was going to get pressure to play in the secondary, instead of WR, so he made a decision that better suits him. It sucks if you’re a Trojan recruiting him, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. You usually never end up getting everyone that you thought you would.

    EV will probably re commit.
    We sure need to keep Ramsey
    Fitts has become an immature little big drama queen in dealing with the realities of recruiting. He’d kiss the ring to be a Trojan, still might get to if things break right for him, if not, he’ll have to settle for aclu. lol poor bastard.. lol
    The others will be replaced by as good or better, “for need”.
    It all sounds bad, especially because of the way that Wolf reports this stuff, like throwing gas on a campfire for effect.
    I think it all works out well in the end.
    Fight On

    • Spedjones

      You think Haden would be offering his sister as a freshman if he thought EV was going to recommit? Lol!

    • betomas

      You sound a lot more optimistic than me, I’ll give you that. Based on info I’ve been getting and keeping up with a lot of sites, I’d be really surprised if EV4 ends up recommitting to SC, especially since he is being highly recruited by a lot of better teams…just sayin.

  • No, it doesn’t matter to me…ONE BIT!!

  • dtksr1

    We know last year, Stanford cleaned Kiffin’s clock signing the linemen USC wanted badly. Look at Stanford’s program today, they are a bruising-physical football team USC used to be when coaches like Tim Davis & Pat Rule coached the line. Now that Kiffin came in bringing James Cregg with him, what happened to the physical play and an inconsistent running game? A top recruit, who got noticed because of his aggressive-physical play, the kind that USC used to attract, sees the less ascertive style of Kiffin and how the team plays, is it any wonder they have 2nd thoughts coming here? This could even cancel out what Ed Orgeron is attempting to do on the other side of the line, just because of the headcoach’s ora.

    • I remember Kiffin saying they really dropped the ball in terms of the oline last year. I’m glad that he can identify the mistakes; this kind of mistake doesn’t lend itself to a long career at USC.

      • marvgoux1

        But we only have 2 OL right now, hardly a correction.

        • I know. I didn’t say he’s improved, I said he’s learned and identified his mistakes. Hopefully February will answer some more questions for us.

          • marvgoux1

            You are correct, we really don’t know until the dust settles on signing day. It’s just frustrating when it seemed like we had everything set months ago.

  • calkidd32

    I think either Fitts or Vanderdoes ends up at USC. But not both.
    Either way, after this season, it’s reasonable to expect recruits to look elsewhere. The team massively underperformed and coaching change may be on the way.
    Personally, I’m surprised the recruiting class is as good as it is (even with all the defections)

    • betomas

      Let’s be real. Neither of them will end up committing to SC, not with this patchwork, haphazard coaching staff and not with Puss in Boots Haden at the helm.

  • Bad time to be a Laker fan huh?

  • Who cares? Wolf is so busy manufacturing doubt, untruths, speculation, rumor and snarkiness on top of being that perennially nasty little boy who likes to cause trouble that he reveals his ignorance of all things football, not just USC football.

    Players de-commit from verbal commitments all the time in college football. It has been happening for many years. Like the other schools USC will suffer from some and benefit from other de-commitments.

    They preferred LaRue as a WR and he did not feel the “love” from them as a WR. I don’t have any ill will towards him, and, USC didn’t “blow” his recruitment. They let Massington know that he would not be able to come in as an early enrollee. He was hurt and would miss the entire spring and was not as highly valued-that was their call. I don’t think that is a significant loss. Redfield probably committed too early in the process and wasn’t really sure of what he wanted. He had high interest in Oregon besides ND. USC did not “blow” it with him, either. Ditto for Vanderdoes. USC had a decision to make regarding a limited number of slots in regards to telling Kylie Fitts that he could not enroll early. They still wanted him, injury and all but wanted to get a nationally ranked top 5 safety from Florida in as an EE-4.0+ gpa and a position of need.

    Then, you have recruits who want to play early and are unsure of their ability to compete like OT Nico Falah. Falah is a huge piece of this class IMHO, but, his insecurity could lead him to renege and go to Washington. Falah has by far the best tape of any recruit I’ve seen, being exceptionally quick and agile for a future LT prospect. I don’t see how you can blame USC if he changes his mind.

    Now, what I think you can blame Lane Kiffin for, is poor management. His decision to delay making a decision on a new defensive coordinator (DC) for a month, really worried the out of state defensive recruits and while I like and understand why he chose Clancy Pendergast, the decision to let DB coach Marvin Sanders go could result in USC losing one of the top two or three DB’s in the class in Jalen Ramsey who is now dealing with a new DC-who will supposedly coach the secondary, but a man with whom he has no real relationship with.

    Hatcher & Prevot (should Prevot also de-commit) as DE’s would not be huge losses since USC is going to a base 3-4 and will need LB’s more than DE’s and Prevot, who needed to put a lot of weight on would not be able to really play DE full time and would have to transition to LB.

    In other words, except for possibly Jalen Ramsey, what could USC have done to prevent verbal commitments from reneging? Nothing. Just like every other school in the country.

    It’s a big part of the recruiting process and the earlier you receive a verbal commitment from a prospect the tougher it is to hold on to him as he is assaulted (wined and dined) by “new lovers,” while the “old lover” is now very familiar company, whispering the same sweet nothings into his ear that he has heard before.

    • ThaiMex

      Wolf is only telling it like it is. Everything he has ever written about Goat Boy has been the truth. It is not Wolf’s job to protect Kiffy, nor is it Wolf’s job to GLORIFY the confirmed idiot.
      Recruiting mistakes are magnified at SUCks because of scholarship limitations. Win some/lose some is not the attitude SUCks can afford to take UNder the circumstances. (no tackling in practice?)
      At the time, a couple of years ago…SUCks did not “BLOW IT” by recruiting/signing Dillon Baxter, Prater, and Markeith (all FIVE STAR RECRUITS). A year or two later (under Kiffy), it’s pretty obvious they did BLOW IT by signing the three. Having Kiffy as the final judge of a young mans “CHARACTER”, at an institution where the wrong types of Characters have been running the show for a LONG TIME, is idiocy at best! The handling of Massington and Fitts situations are a poor reflection on Goat Boy and staff. You don’t think other recruits take notice when recruits are treated that way? (Kiffy is GREASY, and he confirms it regularly).
      Regarding Falah (and others), I’m sure the face Kiffy puts on during a recruiting session is CHARMING…..but after you watch the insecure sleezeball in action over the course of months, the “SHINE” wears off.

      Despite all of the negativity surrounding Goat Boy, I’m happy he’s at SUCks and i hope he sticks around for a long long time.

      Davey…stick to Basketball….something you are quite good at (who’d a thunk it….it’s a long way from the days @ EMERSON)

      • Emerson? Identify please…

        • ThaiMex

          David….for security reasons…DENIED…Bullshit aside…I appreciate all the work you do w/B.B. youth. You run a good organization….congrats..

          I am surprised, since you grew up in the shadows of Westwood, you’d become a fan of “Figueroa tech”

          BTW…I was an EAGLE, not a Mud Duck, didn’t run with your group of friends, but I seem to recall you “running a small, but lucrative NFL numbers game” , way back when. Yup, I was there at that other place in 72′ too.

    • Dude, way too long. And I agree

    • Cheap seats

      Hey…we’ll have none of those well-written posts here! That will go over all the troll’s heads who can’t read beyond 2 sentences!

      Everyone at the fighton247 boards know the reasons for the decommits.

      Don’t waste your breath here intelligent responses. This blog has the sole agenda of just bitching and attracting so-called UCLA trolls that apparently have never attended a single Bruins game in their lives.

      Scott Wolf gets a kick out of it like a fetish.

  • wrong

    There will likely be at least 1 or 2 more de-commits. Fans will be pissed. Then USC will sign some shockers and fans will be pleased. However, USC will not use all of their scholarships (saving some for others to early enroll next year (and look how well that worked out recently!!!)) so fans will be pissed again. At the same time though, they’ll cite an average rivals star rating of 4.4 for the class of 15-16 players and that quantity over quality is more important (even if it leads to a lack of necessary depth and role players). Then spring ball will arrive and a few players will stand out and give hope for the next season. Then fans will drool over summer recruiting and early commits and begin to countdown for the Hawaii game (wildly attempting to discount the realities of egregious sanctions) . And hope and possibilities will inebriate the minds of fans and lead to disappointment when reality falls short, yet hopefully better than our most respected rivals.

    All the while, Wolf will jump up and down and write poorly edited jibberish like a little child craving attention when all he wanted for Christmas was a soccer ball and a friend to kick it around with.

    So do Wolf’s questions matter? Simply put- NO. Wolf’s questions do not matter to me because he does not matter to me. Does he matter to you? I come to this cite to find tardy humor and negatively spewed rumors. The people he poorly reports on do matter to me though, especially the ones that wear the Cardinal and Gold and Fight On for purer causes than stirring the pot like a lonely hack writer.

    BTW – this is just an exercise of sanity and an attempt at quality writing. I realize there isn’t much place for it on this site… Carry on unhappy trolls!