USC Doing Whatever It Takes To Get Eddie Vanderdoes

Is this going to get defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes to recommit to USC? Last night athletic director Pat Haden reportedly sat in the stands and watched his little sister who is a freshman score nine points in a basketball game.

It gets better. USC has offered Vanderdoes’ sister a basketball scholarship. One wonders if USC women’s coach Michael Cooper even saw her play? What are the odds Cooper will even be coaching at USC in four years?

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  • The real question is, what kind of car will USC get him?

    • SoCal_Native_59

      What kind did Papa Sam buy Bill?

      • got proof? cuz we sure got proof about Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight getting cars…and we all know how Marv Goux handed cash and cars to the USC football players during the same time you claim Sam Gilbert was giving cars to Walton…we all know USC was placed on probation for Marv giving cash, but I don’t remember UCLA being placed on probation for similar antics. will you kindly attach a link to supprt you asinine statement?

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! I’m so glad I have another kick ass BRUIN who is knowledgeable on many BRUIN topics. It’s a desperate attempt by the embattled AD. Hopefully he doesn’t fall for that trick. It’s a direct shot at Vanderdoes intelligence

          I had words with Cooper last year regarding his “f” UCLA comment. He apologized for the unprofessional remarks. He’s a cool guy , was a great BB player, wish he would have stay with the Sparks.

          BTW….. It’s Mr.Gilbert

        • Ryan Harvey

          Who at USC gave Bush and McKnight cars?

          • No one, but when you’re a bRUIN, talking out of your ass is expected.

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            thank U, that was very insightful info Mr. Bend Over. Since talking out of both sides of your neck is so last year …… I’m sure bent over is your new preferred method of communicating……. U and trogon fon, aka gomer pyle, obviously are sharing a SPHINCTER ANI INTERNUS muscle.

          • Same guy that gave DeShaun Foster his car.

          • Exactly!!! and what did UCLA do??? they kicked Foster off the team, even though they could have used him, it was more important to do what was right! but apparently integrity has NEVER been part of the USC tradition. you putz

          • Same happened to McKnight. Bush’s car was a piece of shit, and didn’t raise a red flag. Like the many that we’re parked in the handicapped parking at UC Los Angeles. Spin on!

          • what????? McKnight bolted to the NFL on his own, USC did not suspend him or kicked him off the team, UCLA gave Foster his walking papers and didn’t play his senior year.

          • McKnight was not cleared for USC’S bowl game, and chose to leave for the NFL because of the impending investigation. Foster was suspended for the final three games of his senior season. He was a four-year letterman. Spin on!

          • USC knew about it and did nothing about it, therefore they are guilty as if they had given the cars themselves…in the case of Marv Goux, the money was being funneled thru him, so therefore I guess you can say USC did not give them the money either, right? SMH

        • lol proof. That proof must be why the ncaa is so scared of legal pressure to open those cases.

      • Spedjones

        One school has a history of harsh NCAA sanctions and the other is UCLA. Cheat on!

        • For the record…USC and UCLA are tied for major rules violations involving their athletic programs (per NCAA).

          • Spedjones

            Lay out sanction history please. No contest.

          • sacanon

            Speedy: UCLA went down in the ’56-’57 pay-for-play scandal that slammed the old PCC. Bruins also were on probation in ’80, don’t know for what.

          • Spedjones

            Super. Now give me SCs sanction history! You lose.

          • sacanon

            Speedy, I just don’t have the time to recount the long and glorious history. What I don’t get, though, is, why are you so angry?

          • Sacanon, USC has a history of paying their players that goes back to 1903 when they hired a RB in order to beat Pomona Pitzer. Google it “greenbacks usc football” and read about it, this story was published in the LA Times 3 years ago. So yes cheating and paying $$$ is part of the USC tradition.

          • sacanon

            I’m sure Pitzer was tough in those days, and we probably needed all the help we could get to beat those rotten SOBs. But wasn’t it legal to pay the players in ’03? I’m fairly certain that Pudge Heffelfinger (sp?), the Yale great, made a buck or two for the Elis. Might have been a few years before ’03, not sure. I’m sure Wolf can correct me on this if I’m wrong.

          • no it was not legal.

          • Latest report has each school with six major NCAA violations in their athletic department over the years.

          • For the record, you are still paying for your cheating while UCLA has been clean now for how long? 32 years??

  • Good.

  • NotAFanOfYou

    It doesn’t hurt that as a freshman she is already 6’1″ and averages 22 points a game. Oh and she also plays Volleyball. WolfPutz fails to mention that part of it.

    • Ted

      I think you do all you can get recruits…give his mom a track scholarship if you get Eddie V….but what you are saying isnt true. She is 5’9 and does not average 22 points a night.

      • NotAFanOfYou

        If you google her every profile about her says she is 6’0. There is an article about her in the Auburn journal today thats says she is averaging 21.8 points a game and has quotes about her numbers by her coach. The article may have exaggerated and gave her an inch at 6’1″ on her height but does it really matter. She is a baller. I tired to post the link to the article but this blog is crap.

        • Ted

          Well I’ve seen her in real life…she isn’t 6’0 she is 5’9 maybe 5’10 and she averages like 8-10 points a game maybe…which isn’t bad for a ninth grader.

        • Ted

          nothing wrong with it…if SC would have known what Mante Teo would have turned out to be as a player (not as a fool who had a fake girlfriend) they would have gladly signed the sidekick…thats recruiting.

  • Spedjones

    All for nothing. He’s a Bruin or, perhaps a Domer. Offering a freshman girl is just desperate…just like SCs program in general now.

  • Golden Trojan

    If it’s legal and within NCAA rules, go for the full court press on this guy. Sounds like their was a lot of damage to repair. Hope they pull him in to the Trojan Family, Fitts as well.

  • Its called recruiting Wolf!

    Damn! I have never seen so many haters on one site before! Should just post all these to the UCLA blog site

  • oh, the trOXans won’t offer Teo’s lil buddy but they offer some lineman’s lil’ sis?? DUH!!!!

    if trOXans had Teo, they wouldda won a BSC champeeeship!!