Assistant Coach Marvin Sanders Fired

Lane Kiffin officially fired secondary coach Marvin Sanders today.

“We wish Marvin Sanders and his family the best of luck,” Kiffin said. “Marvin did a great job for us coaching our secondary and in recruiting. But with the hiring of Clancy Pendergast as our defensive coordinator, we decided to go in a different direction based on Clancy’s desire to oversee the defensive backs unit.”

Remember that during the season Kiffin said Sanders “the best secondary coach in the nation.”

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  • The only positive side to this…it opens up a coaching spot for an OC.

    • Dude, Kiffin already said he isn’t going to hire an OC as he sees no need for one.

      • Can you say facetious, Dudette?

  • Spedjones

    I’m not sure how Falah feels about this… Oh, wait, yeah I am. And Ramsey too.

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