Can Pat Haden Reverse His Recruiting Record?

One might feel better about Pat Haden going to watch Eddie Vanderdoes’ sister play basketball Tuesday night if not for the fact Haden personally recruited offensive tackle Kyle Murphy last season, who signed with Stanford.

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  • Spedjones

    Yes Wolfie! I knew I’d seen this desperation before. Pat trying to clean up Lane’s mess, again. Shame that ship has sailed, again. Same for SC anyway. LOL!

  • gillyking

    Sure does suck, logging into INSIDE USC with Sped Jones, only to have to put up with that insignificant TROLL Scott Wolf on every discussion. The only common connection between these two losers is that neither of them have anything relevant to comment on regarding USC. What a waste that they both destroy any actual relevant opportunity for a decent conversation because of their TOLL agenda….
    Blogs with substance banish those types.

    • Spedjones

      Toll agenda? How DARE you, sir!