Weak Hires Showing Itself Now?

I previously mentioned any self-respecting defensive coordinator would want to bring in his own people and it looks like Clancy Pendergast is doing that.

But what does this say about last year’s defensive staff? Monte Kiffin was nudged out. Scottie Hazelton would probably not be back if Nevada didn’t hire him (doubtful Pendergast wanted someone from North Dakota State. Or was it South Dakota State?). And now Marvin Sanders is out.

On the other hand, can you imagine Oregon doing this to its staff? No way. The Ducks have a good staff and continuity. USC apparently did not.

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  • Apparently ? Here’s the bottom line, NO ONE GOOD WANTS TO WORK FOR KIFFIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amerigo Chattin

    Gus Bradley, who just got the head coaching job in Tampa Bay, after being named Defensive Coordinator of the Year, was from North Dakota State — you friggin’ moron.

    The Bison have won several recent Div. 1-AA Championships.

    If you were even remotely — and I stress the word ‘remotely’ — qualified as a sports journalist, you would know this.

    • TrojanFan

      Wolfman is a stupid idiot, what DC comes to a new team and keeps the entire coaching staff already in place?……NO ONE….so why would it be any different in this situation

      This pathetic guy trolls his own blog…..ship his ass over to the the ruin blog, and let them deal with his bullshit

      • ThaiMex

        OMG….TorgonFool calling someone else a “stupid idiot”? You torgans are something special! Not special, like the kids in “Special Ed.”, but more like those kids running around in Brown pants, shirts and shoes calling themselves “Hitler Youth”, or like all of those Wacky North Koreans. After all, RAH RAH’s can NEVER BE WRONG, even when your team IMPLODES and goes from # 1 to UN! (Goat Boy lied about voting his team #1…and I don’t blame him…who would admit to voting that 7-6 team #1?). Goat Boy at one point also said Marvin Sanders was the BEST D.B. Coach in the business, then FIRES the guy. How do you find someone to replace the guy that was THE BEST (unless Kiffy is talking to YODA)? Could it be, Goat Boy Lied again?
        Oh well….at least you have the NUMBER 1 recruiting class…(Until nobody shows up, leaving you at # UN!)
        LIMBO U, just when you think they couldn’t go any LOWER!

        • So to summarize your points:

          1. You can’t even consistently misspell imbecilic derivative of ‘trojan’.

          2. You think USC = Nazi

          3. Lane Kiffin has lied before to the media

          4. Lane Kiffin has lied before to the media

          5.Lane Kiffin has lied before to the media

          6. You think that letters belong in the decimal numerical system

        • TrojanFan

          Sound like a repeat of your Tuesday 3;35 am post…..read the first 4 words then clicked next…….idiot

  • Annoyed

    Honestly, if you love Oregon so much why don’t you go write for them?

    Everyone is sick of all of your bashing on USC. Obviously we are all upset with how this past season went, but complaining and moaning about it isn’t going to get the fan base excited for next season. All you are doing is giving fans reasons to root against Lane Kiffin who, like it or not, is still the head coach for next season. Instead of using every possible opportunity to bash the Trojans, why don’t you try some optimism. All you’re doing is using your posts to make Trojan fans more angry at a situation which will solve nothing. I’d love to see some positive articles about the Pendergast hire instead of this crap.

    • Can’t believe SW is actually an alumn.. No wonder CLK wanted to ban him.

    • Cheap seats

      What are some better blogs and non-paid USC forums out there?

      • Annoyed

        Honestly, just follow Ryan Abraham on Twitter. You don’t have to deal with trolls, and he reports news much faster than Wolf does. I think Gerald Martinez is the other Twitter guy you can follow as well. It’s much better, you can get their updates sent to your phone if you’d like.

  • trojan4life

    Wa Wa Wa. Write about something real. DN, can we get rid of Scott Wolf?

  • according to Bounce Pass haden: “the sky is not falling…”

    yet…..Scout now has Bruins #6 and rising– and that’s without Vanderdoesn’t!!!

    trOXasn are at #10 and falling like a horse turd!!!!

    i can’t believe it!!! trOXans are going from #1 to UN….AGAIN!!!!

    Oh, MERCY NURSE!!!

    • TrojanFan

      bucket hopes that horse turd lands in is mouth
      quantity over quality, you can have it

      • marvgoux1

        The scholie limitations on us are really helping fucla clean up this year. I hate the NCAA!

    • WingsHD

      Scout is the only service that has UCLA over USC. And I would hope so UCLA has 10 more recruits on the board. If you have 23 recruits you should be number 1 not 7 in one and 10 Plus in others. USC leads the nation per player.


    The Daily News doesn’t really pay Scott Wolf, do they?

  • Spedjones

    LOL at the dopes who keep complaining about this blog. First, it’s free. You get what you pay for. And second, you do realize that this site is off the charts on hits recently, right? Wolfie’s not only doing his job well, but he’s doing it simply by busting SC’s balls. And let’s be real, there’s a lot of balls to be busted over in Cheater Hall!

    • rusoviet

      Yeah ‘but’ who really reads this? Huh? I mean you ‘haunt’ this site because at least ‘someone’ reads it and wherever you ‘post’ you get nothing but Terry ‘The Pirate’ Donahue bonne mots of how the surf is rising in Newport Bay…Terry…’woodie’….vin-dawg….same stench same 4th estate suckups….

  • Who is worse at their job, Wolf or Kiffin?

    Surprise, the answer is Wolf.

    • marvgoux1

      Going 7-6 at USC is the worst.


        and would be celebrated as a successful season at UCLA

        • marvgoux1

          Correct but that is their low standards. At USC we only accept either wining a championship or building toward it.

      • WingsHD

        Same next year maybe with one more L.

    • WingsHD

      Wrong nobody is worst then Kiffin.

      • To play Devil’s Advocate, nobody is sanctioning Wolf…

    • Wolf turning a USC Blog site into a UCLA “We hate USC” Blog site is just as bad as Kiffin going 7-6

  • Is anyone trying to Hire the Oregon assistant coaches? Every great team has coaching turnover. But I don’t ever hear about Oregon Coordinators being offered HC positions or No assistants being offered Coordinator positions.
    As well as Oregon’s Offense is, has any other teams ever offered their OC a Head coaching position? How about Oregon’s DC? Has anyone offered him and Head Coaching positions?

    • WingsHD

      Kiffin wanted Oregon’s DC first but he turned them down.

      • As a DC.. Why leave Oregon to go to USC for the same position? How come he has not been offered an HC job?

        • WingsHD

          You can only ask Haden that. But Kiffin offered what’s his name the job, according to the Ducks site.

    • UCLA fired him (Nick Aliotti) after the ’98 season, and he’s been at Oregon for the past fourteen years. They must take good care of their coaches.

      • But in those 14 years as a coordinator, he has yet to be offered a HC position?

        • Don’t know, but USC wanted him as DC. They also wanted Bellotti as HC.

    • Dirk Koetter OC/O to HC/Boise State, Jeff Tedford OC/O to HC/ Cal, Chris Peterson WRC/O to OC/Boise State

  • rusoviet

    Annoyed is right – let’s put our cards on the table – you loath Kiffin and frankly had little shrift towards Pete Carroll. What you long for are the days long past when a truly incompetent HC like: Ted Tolner, Larry Smith, John Robinson II Paul Hackett were what USC hired.

    Now with the internet things aren’t as controllable as they were prior to 1998 – now you have to get off your backside and justify to your paper why you deserve a full-time salary plus benies (health, pension,.et al.)…

    I understand Haden – ‘if’ Kiffin wins 11 of next years potentially 14 games Kiffin is Haden’s man and kind you Scott ‘you ain’t’ anyone’s save some limousine lib back end of a horse ‘jack Wolf’ or some such ilk who loves in Bel-Air and roots for the ‘U Clowns Lost Again’ idiots – in other words Scott your once golden path to significance is over and BTW good luck elsewhere. You’re no more than Benedict Arnold – admittedly talented but can anyone ever trust him?

    Go out on the (not good bucks but steady) adoration of the ‘vinnie’ cult – write suck up pieces to the real back end of a horse ‘Vin Scully’. It’s what Simers does and also did for ‘woodie’ save ‘woodie’ is dead and ‘vin-dawggie’ is still whart the blue rinse circuit love – a cuddly control freak that ensures no one and I mean no one will ever truly ‘know’ vin-dawg chevrolet.

    vin-dawg – just change ‘Popeye The Sailor Man’ chuckle for the ‘vin =-dawg’ ready? Here goes ‘Ah hahchachac hachacha hachacha….’ vin-dawg

    • WingsHD

      Eleven wins next year is a real tall order. The most I see them winning is nine, more likely 8. Three straight wins to start the season but 4 straight losses after is possible.

      • rusoviet

        Are you serious? The pimmadonna Barkley, who never had to work fpr the starting position, is now gone…
        2. ‘daddy Kiffin’ is no longer there sooo the HC can finally yell at an incompetent.
        3. Kiffin screws up on 2013 and he will be gone and he knows it.
        4. Scott Wolf praying for Kiffin to fail otherwise ‘scottie’ is nothing more than Joe MacDonell without the 300 lbs. in matching weight…
        5. Gary Klein rises to the top because he’s not as vindictive as Wolf

  • Golden Trojan

    Good job Wolf pushing our buttons which is your main goal. Hazelton got a promotion to DC to a pretty good football program (they put a QB in the Super Bowl). Most of those Oregon coaches are Oregon lifers, they love it up there and don’t want to go anywhere else. Chip Kelly was the only guy on the move. We’ll see if Oregon keeps it going with him gone. Should be fun to see how the Trojan D does next year. Pendergast wants his guys, most HCs and Coord. do.

  • Weak “Hires” Showing “Itself” Now? Scott Wolf “are” dumb.

  • WingsHD

    Funny thing is Wolf is laughing at all of you and doesn’t care much what you guys say. He got you all fired up and spitting venom.

    • right on Wingman!!! the trOXans are suffering from Battered Reader syndrome…no matter how hard their blog master beats on their a$$es every day, they always come back for more!!!

      c’mon wolfman, give these sad sacks a day off from the daily a$$ whoopings, huh???


    Everyone knows USC is joke except usc fan
    Scott wolf get a kick from watching you guys trying to defend them.
    SC ain’t shit no more and you Fan are puppets. You wanna talk about the success you had in the past Well LOL you guys can stay there while everyone moves on with their life.. FIGHT ON NAW IT LOSE ON NOW!!!!!

  • I actually think it is a step in the right direction. Sanders did a decent job but the more important part is that CLK is willing to relinquish some control. He is young and has made some mistakes but has done well in recruiting considering the sanctions.

  • Ben Factor

    Don’t overreact, kids. IMNVHO, Scott is often correct in his observations, but he is having one of his “petty” days today–unfairly dismissive of North Dakota State; aggrandizing the Oregon DEFENSE (be serious); criticizing the turnover of coaches at USC. Most of us don’t know enough to say exactly what went wrong with the defense last year, but we do know that the DB play and LB play was not very good at all. So if those unit coaches are gone, why spend any energy on it? Onward and forward to incremental improvement!

    UCLA IS on the rise, including its recruiting, and lame insults are going to wish that away. Virtually the entire Pac-12 is improving, so PC’s mantra “Always Compete” will have real teeth going forward. Better to focus on HOW USC should actualize the cliche and get better in lots of ways, during a couple more constrained sanction years and beyond. The big picture now and in the future is that It ain’t gonna get easier.

    Does anybody really disagree on these points?

  • WingsHD

    Coach ‘Em Up

    With the unpredictable nature of recruiting, strong coaching and player development become even more important.

    This was the lead story on WEARESC who does nothing but kiss butt on anything USC.
    At least Wolf will tell the painful truth about USC. That headline on WEARESC has it 100% wrong. Strong coaching and player development should never be associated with Kiffin.

  • Would former UCLA HC Bob Toledo have been a good fit as OC for USC?