Who Will Be USC’s Next Commitment?

Which recruit will select USC first?

Kylie Fitts
Matthrew Thomas
Quinton Powell
Eddie Vanderdoes
Eddie Vanderdoes’ sister

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  • Shouldn’t the question be “who will be USC’s next de-commitment”?

  • HAWR-HAWR!!! good one wolfman!

    word on the street is Vandersdoesn’t is a Bruin!!!

    • steveg

      I am sure. That is one dead end street over at Crime and Rape U.

      • Spedjones

        Signed two dead Chinese students?

        • Cheap seats

          Wow. Mocking the death of 2 students.

          • He’s talking about bRuinBoobs 2 dead wives

    • WingsHD

      Word on this street is Alabama

  • gotroy22

    SC alumnus Mohammed Morsi has had a better recruiting week.


    the ting twins will recommit

  • TroyFan52

    Eddie Vanderdoes’ sister…….maybe she can play hoops and in the fall take air out footballs as a student manager!!!!!!!

  • Interesting to see bruin fags ummm excuse me fans on this page. Here is a little reality check for you…. Your combined record since 2002 is 72-68, a hair over 500, you are 3-8 in bowl games and 8-24 vs ranked teams, no BCS games, no PAC 12 championships have only beat USC twice by a combined 14 points. We won by 50 14 months ago. Come on here and make witty banter, hateful comments but until you actually get something accomplished you are still our little brother in college football. Period. Next year your schedule will be a world of difference. Away games vs Stanford, Oregon, USC, Utah, Arizona & Nebraska.

    • Spedjones


      • There is a whole gaggle of numbers ^^^^^^^ that way.

        • Spedjones

          But are there any more current?

          • I didn’t see you make any such excuses last year when you brought up 13-9

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            38-28. Have fun with that disintegrating recruiting class.

          • 46-29-7. I will. Have fun with your national championships.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            That’s adorable how you live in the past. But hey, I understand, I’d want to escape the present also if my coach was Lane Kiffin and my team was terrible. Do you hear that ding, ding sound? That’s the blue-painted Victory Bell ringing in 2013. Dynasty? Over.

          • History is probably just as pertinent to your argument as recruiting class rankings – not at all.


      Blah, Blah, Blah………another historian major-less…….. Current events please. fags? Really? as U are posing next to an ALBINO CENTAUR, please. Grow up clown. Using anti guy slurs don’t scare BIG BAD BRUIN FANS, it exposes your weak skills on this” QWERTY” key board, U deep fried bag of sh*t.

      This is UCLA’s landfill. We come here to dump on and stomp out sc chumps (like U) who claim to want some. We don’t mind engaging sc fans in respectful “Rivalry” dialog but don’t misread us, because U WILL FAIL the (#11) BARR TEST……again.

      • In more eloquent terms, in terms of football alone, USC has dominated UCLA, historically overall, and for a large run recently, with the obvious exception(s). That being said, your performance against opponents not wearing cardinal and gold has been disgusting. Under the past two coaches (minus the year dorrell decided to actually play m(j)d), your school has done nothing but weaken and embarrass the pac-10. You could argue cheating/paying/38-28/whatever here, but you’d just be arguing technicalities. With that in mind, to see idiots come here and extol the massive achievements of UCLA last year (this year, whatever, the most recent season finished), when they only appear golden compared to us, after the defense in history, is laughable. A real clown would be bucket talking about a new dynasty, when the greatest achievement we’ve seen Mora make is a 5 loss season. 1 loss can be a fluke, so we’ll see you next year, and accept your trash talk after. But keep in mind, if we turn it around next year (obviously large if), and UCLA/Hundley go through a sophomore slump, we’re probably just going to turn the same failing-upwards, golden-spoon jokes about Kiffin around to Mora (Jr.).

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          Stumbling into El Paso unprepared, arrogant, and sporting bad manners, only to get your butts kicked by a 6-7 Georgia Tech team–the only bowl game ever won by a team with a losing record. Now that is truly disgusting, and an embarrassment to the PAC-12. Silly little Trojan.

          • Now imagine if we did that for the past ten years, then see how embarrassing it would be. That’s how we feel about you.

          • marvgoux1

            ruins have short memories.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            And Trojans cling to the Pete Carroll years and a national championship that happened like a decade ago–so who has the short memory? But don’t worry, you guys can look forward to a rematch with the Mighty Bees again next year in the Illegal Border Crossing Bowl.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            That’s cute how you assume I care what any Trojan thinks. Nice try in attempting to duck the current reality: UCLA is the superior program in Los Angeles. A sure sign of a program in trouble: fans desperately digging into the past to mount an argument against the team that just beat them handily. 38-28. Better coach. Better quarterback. More depth. More momentum. And MUCH better morale. Reality–in the present.

          • We usually just dig desperately to last year, when we won 50-0. Yeah, it’s the past, but a better example of ‘handily’. I’m not really ducking (fuck Oregon) anything; UCLA is a much better football team today. Making any argument to the contrary is futile. I would still say we have a better program, which generally implies history being taken into account.

          • Almost forgot – the initial argument was about out of conference performance the last ten years, not last year, not yesterday, not 80 years ago. Your (and every other Bruin’s) staying point of 38-28 really doesn’t have anything to do with the argument, because it was in-conference, and it was one fucking game.

        • steveg

          Your shit gets especially old. Throttle back and enjoy the ride. If I want football I go to USC, if I want raped I go to jucla. That simple.

          • Don’t read it then.

      • Yawn. Yawn. Lox and bagels

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Here’s another reality check: USC just became the most overrated, underperforming preseason #1 in the HISTORY of college football. Here are the “firsts” for your program in disarray:

      – First preseason #1 to ever lose 6 games.
      – First preseason #1 in nearly half a century to finish out of the polls
      – First team to lose a bowl to a team with a losing record–EVER

      Reality sucks, doesn’t it, especially when your recruiting class is disentigrating before your eyes, and the best recruits continue to sign with UCLA.

      Whose the little brother now?

      • Yawn. One bad year. Big deal. 8 Klaproth Jucla

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          I get the yawn, Joe: I’d want take a long sleep too if I was a Trojan fan right now. Hey, you can nap for 5 years–by then, the sanctions will have lost their effect on your paper-thin depth chart, and the damage Kiffin’s done to SC’s reputation–making you the laughing stock of D1 football–might have passed by then. Nighty night, silly little Trojan.

    • Here is a reality check for you too, all your wins in 2012 came against teams with a losing record at the time you played them. In other words, you suck! and will continue to suck for years!!! As for our schedule, you are right, Stanford and Oregon will be tough to beat, the rest will be very easy, especially against SUC.

  • yawn! next post please!

  • steveg

    Next commit is a new news reporter for the daily rag you work for. Kiffin is bringing him in from Florida, says the guy loves USC and wants to actually cover the sports here and give us genuine new information on here.

    • I’m with you, Steve. Only read this blog for comments such as yours.


    Everyone knows USC is joke except usc fan
    Scott wolf get a kick from watching you guys trying to defend them.
    SC ain’t shit no more and you Fan are puppets. You wanna talk about the success you had in the past Well LOL you guys can stay there while everyone moves on with their life.. FIGHT ON NAW IT LOSE ON NOW!!!!!

    • Cheap seats

      what language is that written in? Did you use Google translate for that post?


        I wrote it in a language so USC fan can understand it.. So YESSSS

        • Cheap seats

          say again?

    • Another filthy mex rant. Viva taco Tuesday


        it’s eat until i can’t eat no more everyday for you
        Usc poster

    • steveg

      You talk like asian in library from jucla


        Steven ur tool and
        go materbate to USC glory


  • thanks EHULICE!!! you can take a knee for a minute, here’s a Baskerball UPDATE:

    Bruins swagger into #6 AZ and wouldn’t you know, we were AAAAAAAAAAALL outta BUBBLE GUM!!!!!

    win by 11 baby!!!!!

    Yet ANOTHER WIN against a Top Ten team!!!

    sugar Sweeeeeet!!!!

  • Cheap seats

    Guys: Don’t know why I didn’t ask this earlier. Since this site has ZERO moderation on the remarks, can someone tell me what are some better non-paid USC boards to go to where FOOTBALL is actually discussed?

    Trolls can answer, too. I’m sure you losers spend more time and energy of your lives worrying about what USC is doing rather than your own team, so I’m sure you guys know more about SC football. =)

    • sure Cheapster: most of the trOXans on this site also visit http://www.hotGUYS.XXX if that’s any help.

      • Cheap seats

        Thanks. I’m not going to ask how you know about that site…LOL

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          tucking tail and running away like the football cheer squad who played US (UCLA) at the ROSE BOWL? We just happen to know more about life, world events and football than must trogon fons.

          • Learn all those facts at Junior’s?

          • Cheap seats

            I know that as a young lesbian (several posts you admitted being gay, but I know you’re a female) it must be fun trolling, but to us 20+ yr old folks it gets old.

            Seriously, I know you’re likely not even in college yet. Your posts and your thin-skinned nature reflects this big time. It will get old and you’ll find out there’s better things to spend time on.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      38-28. Who’s the loser?

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Vanderdoes is a Bruin. Watch and weep.

  • betomas

    The jury’s out on that question, Scott, but BandwagonFan (by definition) will be USC’s next decommitment.

  • JJ4SC

    Whoever it is it will be another great high school player. When was the last time Ugly won the Rose Bowl 1986? Bruin fans should not be allowed to post here until they have won a Rose Bowl in this century.

    • marvgoux1

      Well the Rose Bowl has been devalued thanks to the BCS to nothing more than another Poulon Weedeater Bowl. But they shouldn’t be allowed to post here until they make the BCS championship game. That is fair.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Trojans shouldn’t be allowed to post until the win a bowl game against a team with a winning record.

        • marvgoux1

          Ouch! That was embarrassing.