What Assistant Coach Leaves Next?

The ramifications of a 7-6 season could continue. Some believe Marvin Sanders’ firing is not expected to be the last move. There is buzz inside Heritage Hall (check that, the University Village food court) that either defensive line coach Ed Orgeron or offensive line coach James Cregg might not be back.

I’ve heard there was a thought of hiring an offensive line “consultant” to help Cregg out next season or that he could switch over to tight ends.

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  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Orgeron just got a raise and was promoted to assistant head coach. He ain’t going anywhere. Scott wolf should know this.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I wouldn’t put money on Coach O leaving, but they definitely need to upgrade their OLine guy… The line was underachieving and it starts with coaching.

    • steveg

      I so agree, Orgeron has no place to go right now so why throw away that big raise. Offensive line coaching needs a lot of help.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    I think it is apparent James Cregg is not in the same league as Pat Ruel or Tim Davis. He was Kiffin’s boy, coming with him from Tennessee and the consistent running game went south, used to be a USC strength). With this late date, who would come in as a 1 or 2-year O-line coach, knowing Kiffin prefers the passing game and yes-men as coaches? John Robinson?

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Gotta agree with you on that. Pat Ruel was was an A+ OLine coach. Cregg is probably a flat C. Maybe closer to a C-.

    • Kiffin only hires crap, so the next O line guy, if Cregg gets canned, will be just as bad. NO ONE GOOD WILL WORK FOR KIFFIN, NO ONE !!


    SC LOSE ON!!!!!!!!!

  • Any word on Ramsey and Issac.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Would definitely love to see a new O-Line coach. The O-Line has a ton of talent, but you’d never know that to follow this team the last 3 years. With Banner, Tuerk, Graf and DiPaolo, why was it so hard to pick 2 tackles in Spring/Summer, and let them gel with the interior line? Ho many different starting OL units did we have this year, even accounting for injuries? Why was Walker – the highest rated Guard in his recruiting class nationally – playing left tackle, when Kiff recruited Banner and Tuerk to play tackle? Why did it take so long to figure out that Markowitz was better than Martin at RG?

    Cregg, from my understanding is a personal friend of Kiffin’s. Either he was not a good coach, or he couldn’t stand up to Kiffin and his uselessly complicated zone-blocking schemes. Of any unit, this one needs to be figured out by July, and needs to start playing mean and downhill. Tuerk and Khaliel Rodgers look to fit that mold, and should occupy the left side of the line. Martinez should play center, and Walker and Banner should play the right side (Graf is fine too, but Banner has more potential). Ruel would bring back some of that fire.

    And there is no way Coach is going. Where is this “buzz” coming from, and why is it that Scott Wolf is the only one to pick up on it? The same Scott Wolf who has to try and dupe players and coaches into interviews, or listens over the shoulders of hard-working reporters and takes their quotes for his own.

  • betomas

    Wolf, you actually made me laugh out loud when you admitted that you heard the buzz at the food court!

    I’m still waiting for those losers BandwagonFan (TrojanFail) and Blow Joe to admit that info I was privy to and posted about Fitts and Hatcher was correct and that more bad news were coming as far as decommits and the coaching staff this month. As I said, Hazelton=not a big loss, but Sanders is a big loss in terms of SC commits or potentials that he recruited and the fact that he was a good coach (I realize Pendergast wants more control over the secondary).

    I’m going to try to get more info and cut through the confusion currently taking place at Heritage Hall. I will say this, Wolf is right and there is buzz that Cregg and Orgeron have been mentioned recently as being in danger of losing their jobs. Here is what I heard: add Helton to that list. Lastly, with all the shake up and confusion happening at Heritage, Pendergast’s hiring has added a modicum of stability, but there is still a sense of nervousness and disorganization that pervades at the Hall.

    On another note, I’m hearing buzz that the rivals across town are about to get another pivotal commit by mid next week.

  • I posted a few days ago on a different thread on here, that the reason for the 3 DLs may have decommitted might be becaus Orgeron might be making a coaching change, and being the scoudrel that he is, he plans on taking with him those 3 DLs to his new team…isn’t that what he did when he came to USC from Tennessee? and to Tennessee from Mississippi?

  • Ted

    If Orgeron leaves…what recruiting success SC has goes out the window. I dont believe Kiffin is the reason for recruiting success.

    • gotroy22

      Kiffin wouldn’t dream of getting rid of Ed. Remember he was part of the original Dream Team (Ed and Norm) that was used to sell Kiffin as the next SC coach until Norm balked at the last minute.

    • steveg

      Take a good look back, he has done some good recruiting in the past. Big difference between a coach and a recruiter.

  • Orgeron is their best coach and a great recruiter.However, the performance of the O line was disturbing.
    UCLA fans simply dream Orgeron is leaving.

  • WingsHD

    The thing that is amazing to me is why do all of us see the problems with the USC program and Haden and McKay just sit and say nothing. I would hope they are seeing the same things we see, it’s pretty strait forward. If Kiffin isn’t going to change and we are stuck with him for another year don’t you think Haden and or McKay needs to force his hand for the good of the program. If this recruiting class falls apart as it appears to be happening, then Haden has some serious explaining to do. One of the reason he gave to keep Kiffin is that he wanted this class. If this class comes in short that’s another strike and we are way past 3.

    • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

      Didn’t you read the LA Times article earlier this week? Haden said he is “paid to be positive” and doesn’t see anything wrong with Kiffin being head coach of USC. He hopes Kiffin will be coaching here a long time. I don’t know what McKay has or is doing as the so-called football program.

      • WingsHD

        Missed that one, I guess they don’t see. Being paid to be positive is actually what Custer said.

  • Bill

    The consultant will probably be Chris Kiffin!

  • Dan Jessup

    You saw an O-line that lost the #1 drafted player & your seeing an O-line that has been kicked hardest by the scholarship restrictions – while Kiffin makes sure to get QB’s, WR, linebackers, safeties or even DL’s, the O-line has been neglected — add in an injury or two & youve got the 2012 season disaster….Cregg’s fault, dunno, dont think so. You need size and something other than 18 year old freshman – both of which we didnt have last year, scholarship restrictions hurt & sometimes trickery cant overcome the pain.

    • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

      If you are a position coach worth anything, you fight for your fair share of the recruits. And you let him know that when he hires you so there are no mis-understandings what you want & need. Cregg is a Kiffin buddy, so go figure…

  • betomas

    Rumor out there is that USC QB coach Clay Helton is next to find the exit sign at USC.