• betomas

    Highly doubtful that Hatcher ever comes back to USC and it doesn’t even seem like SC coaches even care whether he wants to come back. It really sounds like the kid felt slighted. His visit to KY just solidifies it….surprised he’s not visiting Louisville though.

    • Marco

      He made his official visit to Kentucky on 1/11/13. He lives down the street from the campus, and he attended the basketball game. He did cancel his visit to Louisville which was the reason he decommitted when SC balked at Hatcher taking an official visit there.

      • betomas

        Right, that’s what I mean…so I wonder if a Louisville visit is in the works for Hatcher soon.

  • WingsHD

    Hatcher is listed as uncommitted player by Rivals and Scout. He will probably stay home.

  • Every kid that chooses another school is a potential competitor. So you should start kicking their ass as soon as there is no fit. Soon you will be planning just that.

  • I was listening on channel 91 to Sirius It had that JC Schurbert (spelling) from 247. 25% of 4 and 5 star commits that change their status and are unsure go pro the other 75% go undrafted or nothing after NCAA. Over 50% of 4 & 5 stars that stay with their original commit go to the NFL. I thought that was interesting. A guy called in and said that. They said that players that can’t make up their mind take longer to adjust because majority of them play should’ve or what if after the enroll. So if a player is a unstable decision, maybe we don’t need them.

    • Ben Factor

      That is interesting–if it really came from 247. Thanks for posting it.

      The explanation offered by 247 about “should’ve” sounds dubious to me. And even if the “undecided” took longer to adjust, that wouldn’t explain their ultimate draft status as seniors.

      On the other hand, if the stat is legit, and if the sample used to derive it was large, what COULD be the explanation?