Winners And Losers Of The Week

Who is up? Who is down? Time for our weekly status check.


Clancy Pendergast: Asserted power within program by removing secondary coach Marvin Sanders and also gets to hire his own linebackers coach.

J.T. Terrell: Although Kevin O’Neill put him back in starting lineup he’s definitely playing better past two weeks.

Eddie Vanderdoes’ sister: Gets scholarship offer from women’s basketball coach Michael Cooper despite being a freshman in high school.

Jim Mora: Have to think safeties Tahaan Goodman or Priest Willis might have been recruited harder by USC if more scholarships available.


Marvin Sanders: Being “best secondary coach in the nation” doesn’t prevent one from being fired in Kiffin administration.

Ed Orgeron: Jason Hatcher may or may not sign with USC and Torrodney Prevot looks headed to Texas A&M.

James Cregg: May or may not coach offensive line next season.

Matt Barkley: Shoulder injury prevents making splash at Senior Bowl.

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  • Spedjones

    Lol at Barfly…he should be considered a winner here – he can blame the shoulder now rather than just letting people see he’s no good.

    • Spud, you are a dick…..but I AGREE with you on this onel

      • Sleeping with the enemy…in bed with a dick…COOL!

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Ed orgeron a loser? Hahaha wolf man never ceases to amaze. Hatcher recommitted wolf man…and if torodney wants to be an Angie, let him. We would rather have Powell or Thomas anyways. We shouldn’t want anyone who isn’t 100 percent committed to us. It’s a privilege being a Trojan. It’s a privilege getting a top notch education at usc. If u don’t want it, we’ll move on.

    • WingsHD

      Hatcher is uncommitted and most likely is going to stay home. Before you laugh check your facts. In all the latest rankings Hatcher took a big hit this year barely stayed in the the top 250.

    • OLB should be salivating at the opportunity to play in a 3-4, at USC, and getting a Quality Ed…if Hatcher would rather stay in Can’tucky, more power to him. I like M. Thomas a lot and Powell would be nice too. Ditto for Prevot albeit Aggieland.

  • dtksr1

    Glad Pendergas is demanding authority over his turf. It’s his neck, Kiffin plays the teflon card very well, just ask Haden who loves him. Wonder who they have in mind for coaching LB’s? So Hatcher reupped? I like his ability. I haven’t read anyone on this website that likes James Cregg’s results. Running game needs improvement and Cregg’s had 2-years to make improvements with the blocking techniques he coaches. You cannot blame the RBs. They have the talent.

    • betomas

      Some commenters are claiming that Hatcher recommitted to SC. I don’t think that’s true. Can someone post a link with proof he recommitted?

      • WingsHD

        I’ve looked on most of the recruiting sites and I haven’t seen anything that he has re-committed.

        • betomas

          Cool. It was commenters on Inside USC that were making that claim, but I thought he wasn’t even considering a recommitment and you just verified that too.

  • gotroy22

    SC alum Mohammed Morsi is a big winner this week getting all those US fighter planes and tanks. Talk about a recruiting haul!

  • steveg

    Orgeron a loser? He is the biggest reason we keep getting so many recruits. What the hell is wrong with your thinking Wolf? You ever gonna get something right? Only people on here that agrees with you are your blowjob juclan trolls.