How USC’s Max Browne Became Nation’s No. 1 QB Prospect

Here’s a look at how Max Browne, who is currently attending classes at USC, became the top quarterback for recruiting analysts from the Seattle Times, which named him one of only two blue-chip prospects in the state of Washington.

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  • While it sounds as if Browne has the tools and make-up, I hope he earns his PT and isn’t just thrust into the starting role. Wittek and Kessler deserve a shot. If Browne is better, put him in. No Matt Barkley part 2.

    • He is Matt Barkley part 2, period.

      • If he is Matt Barkley part 2, then that is great news for the teams in the pac-12, Barkley was the undisputed Intercepton king of college football in his senior year, and zero come-from-behind wins in his 4 year career.

        • FreeShabazz

          0 comeback wins would be a pretty good stat if he didn’t have so many losses

        • Marco

          If he’s half as good as Barkley, he will have an excellent college career, and by the way Barkley brought SC from behind against Ohio State his freshman year in Columbus.

          • No he didn’t, Joe McKnight did all the work, all Barkle did was throw screens to Joe.

        • Marco

          Fucla should be glad he’s gone since he left school with a 3-1 record against the mighty bruins…

          • That’s the past, it’s a good thing Matt Barr put him out of his missery, or else the ND game might have been a complete blow out with Barkley in the game…and Ga. Tech would have have probably shut USC out had Barkley played.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            SUC and Barkley only remember this year, Anthony Barr made sure of that when he gave MB7 a little going away present in the 4th quarter of the UCLA game.

  • steveg

    It is heartbreaking to see MB7 leave as Bucket has placed his entire literary career in his hands. Oh, the sadness of it all, will he have a new name to lay all the blame on? I keep wondering if we have success in the next season, will all these jucla boners go away?

    • Really? UCLA poster you were here when USC actually worth a crap, now that you’re shitty, I think we’ve lost a few people that posted reguarly, like Bruin Rob, Westwood Rob, and a couple others.

      • Good. Leave.

        • Be nice Joe Blow, that is if, it’s your actual name. 🙂

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Fight on max…I hope u get the starting job…along with jalen, su’a, lm3, Kenny b, and k Rodgers. Lets get some nastiness and leadership on the field.

  • Ben Factor

    It’s difficult to say what this really means to a college football career.

    Andrew Luck was #4 QB in 2008. He was behind Terrell Pryor, EJ Manuel, and Dayne Christ, and just ahead of Kevin Craft of UCLA. Further down the list, with 4 stars, was Robert Griffin III. Also Blaine Gabbert (with 4 stars).

    In 2009, Russell Shepard was just below Matt Barkley; he switched to WR in college. Further down the list at #12 was Geno Smith, who is tabbed by many as the best QB in this year’s anemic NFL QB draft class. At #17: A.J. McCarron.

    Johnny Football received 3 stars.

    Even after the prospects arrive, things are not so clear. Do you
    remember in late 2012 when Max Wittek was more or less anointed next
    year’s starter by the fans?

    QBs are notoriously difficult to evaluate, and are long-studies.

    And lest we forget, even among non-QBs, Marqise Lee was not a 5 star prospect. Farmer was. Prater was. But not Marqise. Biletnikoff Award–as a SOPHOMORE! I was one of the dummies who thought it was pretty cheeky of Kiffin, in
    November, 2011, to even suggest that Robert Woods might not be the best
    receiver on the team. A couple of games into the 2012 season, and that was just a given.

    Many a slip twixt cup and lip. And some pleasant surprises as well.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Do you see a pattern here? Big? Check. Cannon arm? Check. Old school, pro-style QB? Check. Slow as a turtle? Check. Until SC recruits a truly modern dual-threat QB like Mariota, Manziel, Matt Scott, or Hundley, they will never win the Pac-12 South, let alone the Pac-12 championship. I can’t wait to see Max Browne try to outrun Anthony Barr on November 30 on the Colisseum turf when Barr breaks through that paper-thin SC line again…