Answer Monday!

 Time to answer more questions, with Lane Kiffin the dominant topic.


  • Do you really see Pat Haden firing Lane Kiffin at all next year? it seems like he makes excuses for Kiffin

         A: Haden is being a stauch defender, which is his job right now since he decided to bring him back. I hope whatever happens next year, it is decided on the season, good or bad, and not concerns about sanctions or buyouts, etc. Just what happens on the field. With the talent returning, Lane Kiffin should be able to save his job




Who is more deserving of being fired, kiffin or oneill?


A: It depends on what your expectations are. The bar is always higher for USC football. Now you can argue USC’s had two down seasons in basketball and that merited a change. You could also say football should never have a down season with the talent and resources USC has for football. I’d say Kiffin only because I think he got less out of more.




 Have you considered how redundant you have been with innuendo after innuendo about Lane Kiffin being an inadequate coach. There are many who agree with you, even Bucket, but have you considered how old it is getting? Are you hurting for some fresh material? Can you turn your thoughts to things constructive?


A: This is a fair question. I guess it is difficult to get past the level of underachievment that took place this season when a preseason No. 1 in the AP poll becomes the first team since 1964 to finish unranked. And I’d argue that the excuses I hear from the USC administration since the end of the season seem to absolve Lane Kiffin. So maybe we are both guilty.

But I have to express my feelings here. Again, the Internet is a wide and wonderful place with many voices. And I respect the ones that defend Kiffin. It’s just my opinion, nothing more.

To sum up, I once again turn to sportswriter Barry Glendenning of the English paper, the Guardian: “Bear in mind it’s only an opinion that’s no more valid than that of anyone else … except you, obviously. Yes you, sitting there in your office or bedroom, reading this on your PC monitor, possibly with several other screens open, each of them showing something that’s probably illegal in several American states.”
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    wolfman, you dispose of these imbecile trOXans like Clubber Lang flinging Don Knotts aside!!!

    but of course the Dumbbells line up for these humiliating kicks in the crotch every day!!!

    Keep it up, wolfman!!!

    telling Steve G he should go back to playing with himself was priceless. the funniest part is it probably went right over his head!!

    • Trojanpete

      Hahaha–Don Knotts. You mean Burgess Meredith?

    • steveg

      Oh bucket, if only you could come out of the darkness and see the light. We hold nothing personel against you and your personal attacks on me do little to build you up in our esteem.

  • ThaiMex

    Want a good chuckle….SUCks recently went after UCLA linebacker coach, Jeff Ulbricht…..He laughed at the torgans! Probably wasn’t interested in taking a step backwards at this point in his career.
    fit on torgans (There’s still plenty of room for LIMBO U , to go a hell of a lot LOWER!)