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  1. Because unlike Penn State is a government state school, USC is a private institution.

    Stop trolling Scott, and report actual news of actual journalistic value.


    another ZINGER chalked up for the wolfman!!!

    and another humiliating kick in the crotch for dumbbell trOXans!!!

    (this is a wolf howl)

    • Not sure who’s more of a fucking idiot, wolfman for posting the comment or bucket for praising him

      • T/F……You don’t know it yet, but You are scheduled to have a meeting w/ the Principal. She’s not happy! I hope you like the taste of SOAP (know what I’m a sayin’)
        Fear the Cadre, because the Cadre is EVERYWHERE!
        fit on Torgan!

  3. Because Scott, USC is not a state owned institution like PSU. It’d be nice if you used a least a tiny bit of critical thinking before making you ignorant posts.

    • First off, Mexicans is plural and requires no apostraphe. Secondly, the top TE in NFL history is Tony Gonzalez, a Mexican-American. Way to be both stupid and borderline racist in one comment. Did you actually earn a degree at SC?

        • You’re right. I don’t like ignorance, racism and moronic opinions. Afterall, my name isn’t BenDoverz or TrojanFan. Don’t insult Trojans or Bruins on a regular basis….but am enjoying the decline of the SC Football program as you knew it since 2000.

        • He is severely damaged, but what do you expect from a UCLA fan. It’s probably Mora himself. He comes to this blog because UCLA doesn’t talk football during the school’s number one sport being in session.

          • Wow…that really hurt. No “F” bombs? Did mommy wash out your dirty mouth when she found out what a bad little boy you’ve been? (AMIR…..you better pay attention!)
            Beware the Cadre
            fit on torgan!

          • We have the luxury of having more than 1 sport to root for. You might want to get acquainted with your water polo team as your football team is entering a decade of decline.

          • Sounds like a nice evening JB. Try not to think of what Kiffin is doing to your program.

          • No luxury, your football program has never done anything worth a conversion on a blog. Basketball is king and everything else is an after thought.

      • You be criticizing him for the use of a symbol that you can’t spell. You “don’t insult Trojans”? You are insulting tens of thousands just with your handle.

        • You are right…and intelligent Trojan. Got me on apostrophe. The handle is simply the truth…not an insult. You are on probation…AGAIN! The only institution with less institutional control than SC during the Carroll era was the NCAA themselves.

  4. I love that many recruits read the daily diatribe that gets slapped onto these pages–they can see firsthand what so many (albeit, not all) usc fans are like. With all the racist, homophobic, conservative, wannabe bourgeois usc snobs that post on here, you would think that this blog belongs to the University of South Carolina (no offense to their fair fans), or some other place in the Southern U.S., where people still proudly wave Confederate flags. Fight on, SC!

    Do these same sc fans realize that they are ultimately putting down and offending a lot of the recruits that they covet with their racist, class-based remarks? Do they teach sociology or psychology, or even basic grammar at SC? It’s surprising that fellow SC fans never call out other SC fans when they make ignorant comments. Indeed, it’s always UCLA, Oregon, Stanford and ND fans that have checked SC fans on this blog. I think the intelligent recruits can see right through USC, its sanctions, its false promises, its culture of ignorance (by too many fans, not necessarily all of them), and its cheating ways; the smart ones opt for better opportunities elsewhere.

    I think deep inside, ignorant usc fans know that usc will always be every Pac 12’s vapid, uppity, but clueless little brother, until the smarter, more conscious SC alumni try to bring the ignorant alums into the new millenium.

    In this recruiting war of attrition, here’s a special shout out to sc fans below that showcase their ignorance daily and that make Mora and Co’s. job much easier. Thanks! 🙂

    • Dude, wrong blog, if you need some support turn left and ask for bucket. He has a whole collection of what you’re looking for

      • This is a perfect example of another unimaginative post by TFail, the biggest homophobe and one of the biggest racists on this blog. Get a life already. You’ve been exposed.

        • This is a USC BLOG!… no one cares what a ruin troll thinks, you must be brain dead, you keep repeating the same crap over and over……….is that you bucket, all the tendencies match up…..LOSER!

    • I’ve got to love how Trojans on this topic are now editing and changing their racist comments since they got put on blast! The cadre is for real and in the driver’s seat!! It’s alright TFail, Blow Joe, and Ben Doverz–no one has forgotten your usage of slurs like “sp_cs” “wetb__ks” “slopes” and, of course, your equation black people and minorities as being lazy and expecting government handouts. You kids are despicable and socially decelerated. What a shame that it takes Bruins fans (and fans of other Pac 12) schools to show you how you’ve erred in your ways. Go Bruins!

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