Going To Overtime At Pauley

The teams are tied, 65-65, but Jio Fontan and Eric Wise each has four fouls. UCLA incorrectly spelled Marques Johnson’s name as “Marcus” on the video board when showing him at the game.

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  • HAWR HAWR HAWR 75-71 you bRUIN trolls

  • Remember all those jokes you Bruins made about USC not having a basketball program?

  • ThaiMex

    When’s the last time SUCks has made it to the SWEET 16 (forget about the round of 8 or the final 4)? How many times has SUCks made it to the SWEET 16 in the last 50 years? How many NCAA Basketball CHAMPIONSHIPS can SUCks claim?
    Just what I thought. Second rate program at a second rate school!
    fit on torgans!
    (at least you’ve still got football!)

    • Jackie Moon

      That would be 2007 dumbass! How many BCS Bowls has FUCLA football won let alone played in? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

      • ThaiMex

        Jackie Boy…..SUCks lost in the FIRST (1st) round to Kansas…(That was O.J. Mayo’s 1st and only season…U Stupid Cheaters forfeited all wins that season, because of O.J. and Floyd…..Ring a Bell?)

        An SUCks DUMBASS calling someone else a dumb ass…..TYPICAL TORGAN! Don’t ever let the facts get in the way!
        fit on torgan!

        • Jackie Moon

          Listen closely stupid, I will try and go slow and not use big words. In the 2007 NCAA Tournament, USC defeated Arkansas in the 1st round and Texas in the 2nd round before falling to #1 seed UNC in the Sweet 16. The O.J. Mayo loss was the following year versus KANSAS STATE, not Kansas. TYPICAL FUCLA FAN! Don’t ever let the facts get in the way!

          • You should have used spasian for slope spick

          • Michael Link

            Nicely put Jackie. Poor Thai, Bucket, Yoda et all. Had it shoved up his keister tonight!! How’s it feel Fred? You are used to it though, you West Hollywood guy…

          • Jackie, cut Mexie some slack. He drinks beer all afternoon, eats 12 tacos, 3 enchiladas, quart of beans and a cup of rice. BURP! He’s a tool.

          • ThaiMex

            Jackie Boy….SUCks has made it to the SWEET SIXTEEN (16) exactly ONE TIME in the last FIFTY (50) years!!! You proud of that? Yup, I thought so. Instead of FIT ON, you guys might want to change your slogan to “We made it to the SWEET 16 ONE TIME in the last 50 years!!!!!!!!!” COMETS come around more often than that!
            fit on torgans!

        • English motherfucker, can you read it?

        • USC owns the Rose Bowl

          Nice “facts” moron. I love new Pauley!!!!

          • Owns, I think we are playing the rest of our HOME games in our NEW HOME facility…..Pauley!! After the game, the clean crew doesn’t have to drive to SC…..they’re right there!

    • in sheeps’s clothing

      ha ha hardy har har har. i didn’t know we were even playing ucla tonight. delighted with the outcome, of course.

      we beat texas with durant a few years back. i believe that was a sweet 16 year. i believe we’ve won the conference more recent than ucla, but can’t be sure. fight on!

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      sheep is correct! we won our conf tourney more recently than Fucka TROLLOLOLOL. and, isn’t this just like us bringing up all our football history after the November loss? How the tables have turned. Hypocrite trolls still fcking lame as always! TROLL on, losers!

      Ps. Glad we could take that FIRST new Pauley rivalry game win! HAWR HAWR HAWR!!!! I’m TINGLY!!!!

      • USC owns the Rose Bowl


        • Golden Trojan

          USC owns the New Pauley!

    • Domin8UCLA

      Pinche pendejo!!

    • ShaaaaaaBOOM. Beanerboy

    • You lost, man up, if you can, and accept your losing to a bunch of no names. Oh wait, didn’t you already lose to Cal Poly Pomona ?

  • Globe

    Good point by Timex. SC’s hoops program just isn’t relevant. Just like UCLA.

  • WingsHD

    The number one sport at UCLA should have done better. But that is who they are haha.

  • Where’s JuCrew & $h!ybucket? Oh right bucket left the blog. Hahahahahaha