The Daily Eddie Vanderdoes Update

UCLA coaches reportedly visited the defensive tackle from Auburn, Calif., last night. And watched his sister’s basketball game. No word, however, if they offered her a scholarship like USC.

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  • Sugar Sweeeeeeet!!

    sounds like our coaches SEALED the deal on Vanderdoesn’t!!!

    our coaches don’t lie through their teeth!!!!

    Kiff and the Agin’ Cajun are TWIN DEVILS of Deception!!!

    • Marco

      You should talk to the Printz family, they’ll tell you that Mora and crew
      will go to any length to get their recruiting done.

      “I was really shocked and disappointed with how this went down with UCLA,” Lassiter coach Jep Irwin said.
      “They haven’t been genuine and forthright through this whole thing. It
      appears they used Eddie, maybe to attract other recruits. Or maybe they
      have another recruit closer to home they ended up liking better.

      “This is not how adults should handle business, regardless of whether
      it’s recruiting or not. They won’t answer the phone or call us back. If
      you’re going to build relationships with people, you have to have some
      level of trust.”

      • GernBlanston

        Eddie Printz WAS livin’ the dream…”My early commitment to UCLA allowed me to enjoy a great summer…before I head off to college next year. It was one of the best decisions in my life. My hard work and dedication paid off and made my family so proud.” Sounds like the entire JUCLA staff are the Devils of Deception. Feel bad for the kid.

        • uhhh. hey things happen!!

          unfortunately, our coaches BY LAW CANNOT discuss recruits, so we’ll NEVER KNOW what happened.


          • Marco

            We already know what happened Mora didn’t honor his word as its been alleged Kiffin didn’t with Fitts. Fucla program isn’t holier than anyone else, so go sell your load of crap elsewhere…

          • you win this round, Marco….

  • Of course they will. If SC takes a crap in the woods, the bRuins are RUNNING to find some trees.

    • Guest

      No they rub their face in it.

  • STILL NOT USC NEWS! But thanks for the daily Who gives a S**T UCLA update .. Give me a break!

    • gotroy22

      Isn’t it news if it’s the recruit we want?

      • No.. No one cares if UCLA pays him a visit, or takes in a basketball game.. In that case we should get updates on every recruit USC has tried to offer..

        • gotroy22

          This is one of our biggest commitmments that we somehow lost. You actually can’t see the difference?

          • We never had him.. Everyone around him has some UCLA ties.. Im just glad USC was close, but its more than likely he signs with UCLA..

            How come there is no update on a even bigger recruit that USC could lose Ramsey… Hes more important than Vanderdoes..

            Its only news because its UCLA!

          • gotroy22

            Really, I thought some poster promised us Ramsey was 100%?

          • No one is promised until the papers are signed.. I have heard he favors Florida, I heard he favors Florida St.. right now he has not Decommited, but these kids are unpredictable!

  • WingsHD

    Glad to see most bruin fans are over on there site talking about there number 1 sport basketball today.

    • Spedjones

      there, their, they’re… witch, er, which is it? LOL.

      FWIW, I think EV will be a Trogie. Who knows though. What’s funny is that many here have already turned on him now that SC may not land him. Why do I feel those suckers will change their tune quickly if he puts on a SUC hat next week?

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      No silly rabbit. we were allowing the ladies (sc fans) to gripe among yourselves. We were a little busy constructing a football empire earlier today. BTW…. we have a few more commits to add to this incredible class of studs. GO BRUINS!!!!!!

      • WingsHD

        Spoke to soon, the basketball game isn’t on yet so the secondary sport fan is back.

        • Bru-Crew_UCLA

          cute…..I know when the BB game comes on. We are here and over on “there site talking about there #1 sport…” Grammar check your use of “there” next time.

  • WingsHD

    Look at Rivals top 100, USC has 11 and UCLA has 2 and they both play basketball also.

  • Google: AJC Eddie Printz

  • Tommy T

    Is this an SC “update” or UCLA “update”