UCLA Guard Larry Drew Wants To `Kill’ USC Next Time

In tonight’s post-game press conference, UCLA point guard Larry Drew was asked about the next USC game.

“I know how I’m going to approach the next game, go out there and kill them, for real,” Drew said. “When we play ‘SC again, it’s going to be war.”

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  • Globe

    Why wasn’t it a war tonight Larry? Like your dad you’re very mediocre.

    • Cheap seats

      That’s the former Laker’s son??

      He couldn’t shoot, but at least he was slow..;)

      Then again, Larry Drew ended up having a better nba career than the O’Bannon brothers.

  • Man, those Bruins sure are classy.

    • gotroy22

      Sweet victory! Forget the coaching search. We should make Bob Cantu fill time.We have good players, they just hated that stupid drunk coach O’Neill. Cantu can win with these guys.

  • realtrojan

    “Go ahead, make my day…”

  • HAWR HAWR HAWR 75-71

  • CheattheSystem


    • That’s a lot better than my ShaaaaBOOM

  • Where’s JuCrew & $h!tbucket? Oh right bucket left the blog. Hahahahahaha

    • gotroy22

      Good point, they were sure yucking it up yesterday.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    You stay classy Bruins! This clown Drew reminds me of typical public educated Westside trash.

    Good thing we took the trash out last night!


  • Tommy T

    A little cheese to go along with your whine Junior?

  • Sons of former Lakers probably ought not be talking about killing people. I’m looking at you Nicky Van Excel, convicted murderer.