USC Dons New Black Uniforms Tonight

USC will wear new black uniforms tonight against UCLA similar to this model worn by Gonzaga recently against Butler. Lane Kiffin will be jealous.

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  • Guest

    Hey dummy, Lanes a football coach.

  • Oh, the shoes. What do they call that color? “Yellow Jell-O” or “Deer Antler Spray”?

  • Haven’t we worn black for basketball for a while? Isn’t this old news?

    • marvgoux1

      Are they in mourning of another wasted season?

      • Rebuilding. When it’s basketball, we call it rebuilding.

        • marvgoux1

          I was wrong, Cantu is doing great things with the players. They should keep him.


    Dont every single one of USC’s sports teams have a black version of their jersey, besides football?

  • Sweet, Butler wore that jersey Renaldo’s got on?

  • grave soul

    As I’m not a hater, so I can give props regarding this uniform–it looks streamlined. However, in all honesty, the shoes just don’t look right with the rest of this uniform.


  • Guest

    It was the shoes. The ruins were mesmerized by the shoes!