• It’s a $h!t job period. Scott, ask your boy Brandon

    • Michael Link

      Scott has a special boy? Who gets on top?

  • forget basketball coach, wolfman!!

    Billy Barty couldn’t save the trOXans from the A$$ WHOOOPIN’ they’re gonna take tonight!!!!

    I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!!! the Bruins dominate the Pac12 in the foosball, Basket ball, base ball….what else ya’ got???

    and insofar as this blog is concerned, the Nabobs were run outta town on a rail, and now the Dirty Birds have been banned, neutered or chemically castrated!!!!

    (thanks for the gumballl, Toni and wolfman!!!!)

    OH, now i’m getting the TINGLY feeling!! and i mean EVERYWHERE, if you know what i mean!!!! ; )

    • NOBS will always be here.

      • ThaiMex

        kind of like that smell that LINGERS over El Segundo.

    • overzealousgungrabber

      All thoses things describe things you’ve been or said. So priorities are on point by your logic.

      Looks like I finally touched a nerve. Great, its a good start. It’s a moment self-realization for you.

      I hope my prayers are answered, because you greatly stand to benefit. As I would, and the others I pray for.

      Being on Scott’s blog all day is fine. But when it becomes on outlet for inner turmoil it ruins it for the rest of us.

      So in summary, get help, or at least do some introspection.

      • Over: you should be praying for your trOXans tonight ’cause we are gonna RUN IT UP!!!!!

        also you should pray that the DIrty Birds have really changed their tune permanently!!! TFail already sounds like a a chemically castrated wussy!! Nerd Dog is banned and we only keep Nubs around ’cause he makes Southern Cal look so bad!!

    • How did that ass-whooping go tonight? Did we cover the spread?

  • AH! AH! AH!

    I juscht finisht zee schtory, Vulfman! Your writtink is vell done as alvays!!

    I vas laughink vhen zee vormer Trojinks say zey vhant to hire a wisionary!!!

    Wisinoary?? Try RETREAD!!!

    AH! AH! AH!

    You are killink us, Vulfman!!

  • gotroy22

    Anybody would be an improvement over that stupid drunk we had. I watched him give up in a game when we were only down 2 three pointers with 30 seconds left.

  • I think Bob Boyd has gone the Leonard Tose route

  • steveg

    They should go after the best basketball coach, period. We don’t need an alumnus, or someone who has been here before. Contrary to what the kids on here say, it is a good job at a great university with nowhere to go but up.

  • CPBinDC

    Ever since George Raveling, I have felt USC has always tried get to a coach that is supposed get someone’s attention. The article seems to hit on the same old themes we have heard for years. Sure, you can go trophy hunting but Haden would earn his salary if he could find a coach that is eager to prove himself.