• Adam Richards

    This blog reads like a UCLA fan reporting on USC.. Always negative with sarcasm.. We should boycott Scott and leave it to Charlie Bucket to comment by himself.

    • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

      Adam, what other team in college football had this much talent and played this poorly with the help of its headcoach being the laughing stock of the college football World with his bonehead decisions?

      • Adam Richards

        There is no denying Kiffin had a bad season.. But Scott likes to give us a titty twister with every post. Hhe really doesnt need too. It would be nice to see some optimisim on the blog. Not everyone is so negative on the Clancy hire.. I actually think it is a good one. He had some of the best defenses in the PAC- 12 with less talent.

    • steveg

      Good idea. Problem with bucket he only has so much material and keeps repeating himself. maybe its a mental thing.

      • TrojanFan

        BINGO!…….there seems to be some type of mental defect going on……could be from all the abuse he takes from being up in the tree house……some of the cadre rituals can be overly aggressive

  • Spedjones

    38-28! YEW!

    • Guest


      • Spedjones

        Is that a football stat?

        • Are you a football school?

          • Spedjones

            38-28 says yes.

          • Whats the overall stat wins and losses?

          • UCLA 9-5 USC 7-6 UCLA Pac-12 South Champions two straight years.

          • TrojanFan

            ….and then what?….nothing….HA HA HA!

          • YAWN.

          • I guess 75-71 agrees with you then.

          • 50-0 says no

          • losing 6 of 7 says YOU ARE NOT.

          • We could say the same for football

          • And your big finish….0-3. Bagel and 3

          • are you? 38-28 … nah, you’re not.

        • TrojanFan


          It’s called a whipping….deal with it

      • 38-28

    • WingsHD

      The UCLA blog must be tearing up Howland this morning, so your over here after your school’s number one sport lost to a bad USC team to get some happiness.

      • Spedjones

        Football is UCLA’s number 1 sport now – just ask Barfly! BOOM!

        • ShaaaaaBoom. Nice BB team.

          • Spedjones

            they suck. Why can’t you admit the same about your sheet football team?

          • Dude, you are dreaming. Mora sux. So does JuCrew

        • Guest

          75-71 Hahahahahaha

        • WingsHD

          Still way behind basketball, you fans just want to think football is. That is why your on our site because nothing going on over at yours. It’s all about BB no matter what you think. GO HOWLAND

        • TrojanFan

          Hey spudjuice, you’re a pathetic tool that lives in the closet…..and gets a chubby trolling this site 24/7

          75-71…please explain that?

    • gotroy22

      We are a basketball school now!

      • yah, because a football school you are no more.

        • gotroy22

          Enjoy it while you can. We will return to the greatness that is Troy when we can Kiffin and bring in a real football coach instead of a product of nepotism.

    • 50-0. Now we own both Pauley and the Rose Bowl

      • Spedjones

        50-0 is so last year. I’m happy to have 38-28 if it means you get last night. Enjoy it! BOOM!

        • TrojanFan

          dude, how did you see in the dark, you’re always around 24/7…..your life is all USC football……you can’t seem to get the Trojans out of your head….such a pathetic troll

        • Shaaaaaa Bust

        • 2 times in 14 YEARS.. BOOOOOM!

      • TrojanFan

        Fight On!

      • The only the thing you own is the distinctive title of the biggest chockers in college football history…from #1 to unranked in week 8 and the only team from #1 to losing 6 games. P A T H E T I C

        • USC owns the Rose Bowl

          I’m not sure what’s more pathetic: going from #1 to unranked… or having zero history of success in football and very few Rose Bowls, BCS games, conference titles, All-Americans/NFL 1st rounders/Hall of Famers (SC most in NCAA)

          soooooo there’s that.

          • gotroy22

            Correction, they have one national title in ’54…. but they’ve sucked pretty much for 60 years.

          • Beating you 8 straight years, yet not being a “football” school is not too shaby I say, considering the “football school” USC – has never been able to accomplish that feat. your turn šŸ™‚

        • Nothing like losing three in a row. Fucla is fantastic. Bagel please….with cream cheese.

    • TrojanFan

      wrong blog!

      3 straight BLOW OUTS to end the season, sounds like the start of a streak, I’ll have to keep my eye on that!

      Please explain 50-0?

      • please explain 50-0? Rich Neuheisel. explain 38-28

  • CheattheSystem

    USC is always negative against the spread. A person could get very rich betting against SC and the spread…

  • Tampa 2 doesnt work against spread.. It hasnt for 3 years.. We know.. Thanks and good night!

    • Tampa 2 only works when you have real football players, than have the mental capacity to absorve the information being presented…USC players are braniless thugs. period.

      • CheattheSystem


      • Yeah thats it, because UCLA puts out such great NFL Talent.. LAME!
        Stop wasting my time with your Hater comments..

  • it never fails! the Dummies line up for their daily humiliating kick in the crotch from the wolfman!!!

    line starts on the RIGHT Dummies!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog!

      Dude, get some new material

      • wow! sorry you had to wait all day for me to show up!!!

        looks like i have my own Tuiassasopo on my hands!!!

        • TrojanFan

          Too busy having some humble pie?

          Save the high-horse for a Trojan

        • buahahahahahaha classic reply from Chuckie! BOOOOOM!!!!

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman you’re misrepresenting what the TRUE meaning or purpose of a point spread ….It’s amazing how you twist things to help serve your personal agenda