• The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    From raked to aint!

    #1 recruiting class in BB gets beat by the men of troy in their fancy new “re-painted” Pauley! A place, BTW, which we now own!

    Group howl: Awuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! You cannot, I Cantuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

    The curse of Ron Holmes is real ey CryMex?

  • Don’t believe the CKO hype

    Why is O’Neill even worth mentioning here? He was on a 3 game losing streak, going 3-3 against UCLA, with the first two victories with the “mess he inherited from Floyd”, as the media likes to emphasize.

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    Four 5* on campus

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  • steveg

    Whooaa!! Where is Bucket and his little troll buddies when you need them. What, layin a little low today? Did that tingle finally go away? Great job Trojans, fight On!!

    • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

      Paging charlie crap can…..

  • ooooooh! sorry, people, i HAVE a LIFE, i am not here all the time!!

    besides you all tell me to bug off, but when you finally win a game you demand i show up!!

    GEEZ LOUISE, make up your confused minds!!!

    i didn’t even watch the game…who played?

    again, unlike you Dummies i HAVE a life.

    • steveg

      Did you get the score yet? 75-71, I feel like a new man. Be humble, accept your LOSS like a real man.