Where Do Vanderdoes, Fitts, Thomas, Powell, Ramsey, Falah End Up Going?

I have not predicted yet. Where do you predict? Well, Rivals made a mammoth prediction and you can see for yourself where their panel expects all the big names to end up signing next week.

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  • Spedjones

    yep, those are some predictions all right!

    • TrojanFan

      wrong blog!

    • WingsHD

      Everybody still talking Howland I see. Your back on the a real football site.

  • steveg

    If they picked 50% right that makes them experts? This is all BS until next week, good filler for a slow day in the news.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Mammoth predictions, HUGE. Mind disintegrated reading those. What’s the over-under Scott. Find a website with those yet?


    these two big shots you trOXans are all puckered up over are gonna be BRUINS????


    Welcome Vanderdoesn’t and FITTS!!!

    we already have plenty of beastly lineman, but what the heck, c’mon over!!!

    line forms on the LEFT!!!

    • scBlows

      Huffman/Biggins at Scout also say EV and KF to ucla!!! Welcome indeed ahahah.

    • overzealousgunbrabber

      Ummm … you said you would leave and stop posting if the Trojans beat UCLA hoops. WE DID. At least be a man of your word.


      • ok coo-coo bird, show me the quote and i’ll leave immediately.

        otherwise, cut out your macho head games….cyber- bully.

        • overzealousgungrabber

          Sorry Charles, my bad.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    We have 4-5 scholies left… make’em count Kiffin!

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    Ucla has a good chance to land one or two of these prospects, Fitts the more likely, then Vanderdoes.

  • Spedjones

    Fitts will likely be a trogan. Battered wife syndrome.

    • TrojanFan

      Wow! dude, it took you all night to come up with that lame reply…….24/7 what a die hard

    • betomas

      Fitts was at the UCLA – USC bball game wearing a blue and gold “Unfinished Business” tshirt, look it up. He straight up insulted SC, so I don’t think he will be signing with Kiffin.

  • Amir

    SC will keep all their recruits, land Powell, Fitts and a surprise KABOOM! FTFO!

  • DBeachboy

    That panel is a joke. They were 0 for 8 on Laramy Tunsil. Off base on several others too!