• NotAFanOfYou

    Thanks for telling us about a story that was in the news two weeks ago. Way to be on top of things.

  • Guest

    That would be because MK is respected by professionals in the field. Not like you who is held in contempt universally with the exception of bRuin trolls on the cesspool of a blog you run.

  • Can someone please explain to me what the story is here? Is this another lame attempt to take shots at Monte Kiffin as a DC (AGAIN!)?

  • another devastating punch to the trOXans’ collective gut!!!!


    line forms on the RIGHT, boys!!

    • hurr someone got hired, so devastating.

  • betomas

    Anyone see the photo circulating of Kylie Fitts at the USC-UCLA Bball game wearing a blue and gold shirt that said “Unfinished Business” on it?…straight up insulted all Trojans fans.

  • betomas

    Scott, maybe I missed something, but is Pendergast going to get a new Linebackers coach to replace hazelton, or not? I think Pendy may be biting off more than he can chew if he get a replacement soon.

  • Ben Factor

    The commentary here has taken on a familiar pattern.

    There are the Wolf hating Trojan fans, who do little but express contempt for Scott. Do none of you agree with Scott that there is some irony in USC having its worse year on defense in many, many years, and then (1) the man who was in charge of the defense is now the DC with none other than the Dallas Cowboys; and (2) the LB coach, whose position group probably played worse in 2012 than in 2011, has been promoted to DC elsewhere? Really? No irony at all? I can’t agree. Maybe Scott is hitting his points too hard, but he does have some points to make. And points don’t have to be NEW news.

    Then there are the Bruin fans. They don’t have any points to make. I guess they are here to tweak noses. Except that IT’S NOT REALLY NECESSARY ANYMORE. UCLA beat USC. It looks like UCLA is going to have a tremendous recruiting year, and the Trojans may not close so well next week. Very few pundits liked the Mora hire, but it looks pretty darn good right now. The skies are blue in Westwood in terms of football. Be happy, and bring happy thoughts to the Bruin blogs. What you’re doing is boring. Even to you I would think.

    So what are you all doing here now? I really have no idea, but I guess I’m just not a nose tweaker. I like a little content in my escapist activities.

    • betomas

      Read my last few posts. The reason that some UCLA fans are gyrating towards Wolf’s blog is because they are unhappy with the way that the InsideUCLA blog has gone down the drain since Wang took over. At least Wolf brings new info to this blog and asks questions that provoke dialog. It makes sense though…I think we can all agree that the Daily News doesnt care too much what the readers on any of their blogs think anyway.

      • marvgoux1

        Many loyal SC fans don’t understand that the purpose of this kind of blog isn’t to promote the school. That’s the job of the USC SID.

        • betomas

          Exactly. Even Ben Factor writes that Wolf wouldn’t have so much criticism to write if Kiffin, Puss in Boots Haden, buffoon graduate and position/assistant coaches, and “altercating” hot-headed players didn’t provide fodder for Wolf’s cannon.
          Fans shouldn’t whimper and whine when Wolf is right and they should demand a culture change from Nikias.