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The basketball team’s victory over UCLA was easily the most satisfying victory of any USC sports team this season. But it also illustrates just how bad things are going for the biggest sports: Football was awful, men’s basketball fired the coach and is sub .500, women’s basketball is 8-11. Does anyone expect baseball to do anything . . .  again?

Those are the Big Four sports. And it is getting old hearing about how great water polo and men’s tennis are doing. There is no way a school with USC’s tradition, location and resources should be so bad in the Big Four sports.

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  • steveg

    Scott you have a valid argument, what is your solution. You sound like an old lady who just complains in order to keep herself company.

    • gotroy22

      Here’s my solution: fire Kiffin, hire Cantu, fire Cooper and the baseball coach.

      • Spedjones

        no, no, Kiffin must stay. He’s really starting to understand what he’s done wrong lately…

        • gotroy22

          Kiffin is the second coming of Paul Hackett- without the charm.

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!!

    another humiliating kick to the trOXans’ crotch!!!!!

    wolfman, why did you to have to wear those Bruno Magli’s today??

    so it’s all settled! Southern Cal sucks in THE MAJOR FOUR sports!!!!

    ok lets do a comparison w/ UCLA Big Four
    the Foosball Pac12 SO CHAMPEEENS!!!

    Basketball: some hiccups (we are starting FOUR FRESHMAN) still beat two top ten ranked teams)

    Baseball: perennial Pac 12 Champeens and post season stalwarts

    Womens Basketball: ranked every year!!!

    my conclusion: I FEEL SO ALIVE AND TINGLY!!!!!!!

    and when i say tingly, i mean EVERYWHERE!!!! if you know what i mean!!!

    • ucla is a even a bigger dud since you’re a public school and can get walk on’s for minor sports, you suck even worse buckshat

      75-71 at the “new” pauley pissvillion


      • gotroy22

        What are you talking about? We just got a preferred walkon for long snapper. That is no excuse for us sucking at football since Pete left, sucking at hoops since Bob Boyd left, sucking ast baseball since Gillespie left and sucking at women’s hoops since Cheryl Miller left.

        • Then lay the blame at the feet of Mike Garrett

          • gotroy22

            Garrett is gone and Pat Haden is in charge. He gets the credit or blame for what goes on during his term as AD. So far his only good move is firing O’Neill.

          • Sure. Name ONE sport that is BETTER since MG left.

        • Golden Trojan

          One could argue SC football was already in decline Pete’s last year, remember his last bowl was the Hunger Bowl. Perhaps now that Lane is rid of Pete’s underachiever recruits, he will get it going.

          • gotroy22

            Pete was blindsided when Sanchez left early and had to move up Barkley’s development instead of redshirting him. Lane has shown absolutely no indication this year he can motivate his own underachieving recruits.

          • Golden Trojan

            The seniors were Pete’s guys. But I know what you’re saying about Lane, just trying to be positive.

    • trojan4life

      Let’s see the UCLA football team ends the season with 3 straight losses and their season is considered a success. The basketball team with the #1 recruiting class in the nation loses to their unranked, sub .500, interim coach led cross town rival and it makes you tingle? The bar is lower at UCLA. Wasn’t it just 1 year ago that USC football was victorious by a score of 50-0? The motto should be “We shall never forget 50-0” instead the bruins are celebrating like they have something going over there.

      • ProbationU

        Hate to agree with you trojan4life, but for the most part you are spot on. Our win in FB doesn’t look quite as wonderful in hindsight as it did immediately after the game. However, we do have something “going” on over there, but we certainly have not yet arrived. Signing day will tell us a few things. We are overly happy as we have had over 10 years of lousy football, so a win over SC seems like a monumental event, much like your win at Pauley on Wednesday night. Just shows how low our mutual standards in the respective sports have fallen.

        That being said, we have 2 schools that are in one of the best recruiting areas in the country in BB and FB and are not performing up to expectations for either Bruin fans or Trojan fans. The BB game was between 2 bad teams in 2 ugly uniforms with 2 coaches that won’t be around next year. If some of you think Cantu is your man, you may want to raise your expectations. You should do better.

        • Golden Trojan

          You are correct. Both schools have the money, talent pool and facilities to have perennial top 10 teams in both sports. The only thing both schools need are the right Head Coaches and that is elusive.

          • gotroy22

            Bob Boyd showed SC should be a top hoops school.

        • The problem with our teams seems to be the problem with this blog comments here – trolls celebrating because their failure is less significant than the rival. I’ll be honest; I was rooting for Alabama too.

        • EncinitasBruin

          Very well said, ProbationU. Frankly, of the four coaches in question (2 FB and 2 BB), only one is probably going to be around more than 1-2 more years (Mora), unless he bolts to the NFL.

      • 38-28

      • Bravo.

    • TrojanFan


      “I FEEL SO ALIVE AND TINGLY!!!!!!!”, your boy toy bruinrob must of resurfaced…..ouch!!!!

      75-71……Trojans own Pauley Pavilion

  • Independent_George

    Let’s see, who hired Kiffin, Cooper, O’Neill? Hmmmmmmm … And who fired Gillespie? Hmmmmm . . . Oh yeah, Mike Effing Garrett.

    Haden wiffed with Franl Cruz, but Garrett did leave haden with a huge mess to clean up.

    • Guest

      FU Garret is a great Trojan.

      • Golden Trojan

        Great running back, maybe good AD early on, but was kept too long on the job. Great Trojan all in all.

    • Old man George, FU.. My bet is Garrent would give you 2 seconds. You were a season ticket holder, giving very little to SC and think you’re a big swingin’ d!ck. Haden is KILLING SC athletics.

  • ThaiMex

    You guys gonna organize a DOWN TOWN PARADE to celebrate the b-ball win? (Maybe you can get the Capitol One IVAN BROS. to appear or The Village people?) How about ANOTHER BANNER? Thinking about felt Banners, The DRAPES, the flaming Bronze Horse, the guy wearing a dress and sandals with that LONG THRUSTING SWORD, is all sooooooooo QUEER! Many of us just don’t get it. Maybe Torjun Fan or nubsie can explain “Why you guys are all arrogant”. Admit it….It is more than just a little QUEER, isn’t it.
    fit UN, Torgan!

    • You would be at the downtown parade, you live in a flea bag and troll for John’s to blow, right slopespick?

    • Amir

      Beaner Nip

      • Which camel should I put my money on this weekend?

        • Amir

          Keep spending your loser life on a SC site. Fight On!

          • ThaiMex

            Am I r…..I tired of your JIBBER JABBER….Next tuesday…after school (school of enriched studies, Sherman Oaks)….At the FLAG POLE 3 p.m…… there!

        • JuCrew, second race, three humps.

      • I like it.

      • ThaiMex

        War!!!!! Meet me at the flag pole Tuesday AFTER school (School of Enriched studies, sherman Oaks) TUESDAY. No Bombs!….This Jihad is between you and me. Fight to the death via Rock, Paper , Scissors. Looser sucks Camel D!ck and has to eat a Pulled Pork Sandwich from Roscoes. I’m tired of your jibber jabber….let’s git er’ dun!
        fit on little torgan

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      75-71 should I change my handle to “USC owns the new pauley pavilion”?

    • Michael Link

      You know Queer don’t you FW?

    • Waiting for Taco Tuesday so we can drink beer all day and stuff our face with tacos….like you do everyday.

      • whattha??? is Southern Cal so racist, even their black guys and Muslim guys are racist???

        no that’s saying something!!!

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Congrats to sc BB team for “MAN-ING” up and finishing off a more talented team. I won’t make any excuses for that embarrassing epic BB failure from 2 nights ago. Our AD Guerrero is a joke. Mora dropped into his hand and that kinda took some heat off him.

    UCLA needs change at the top Gene Block, Dan Guerrero and Ben Howland all should be relieved of their current UCLA jobs. ONWARD BRUIN FAITHFUL…..GO BRUINS

  • FancyFoozeball

    I just found this “inside USC” blog but it doesn’t make sense. Most of the comments are about UCLA. Is the title wrong?

    • WingsHD

      No not the wrong title, bruin fans don’t talk football (not enough of them) because they are a basketball school. Grant it not very good one lately so they come on all the Trojan sites so they can talk football.

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        what makes U more qualified than us BRUIN FANS to talk football? Don’t let our lack of success on the football field lead U to think we don’t know football.
        U can sit in cyber-verse pretending to know all thins football with the help of search engines but I have yet to read anything insightful from U.

        • JuCrew is BACK. Sweet. And another stupid post.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            R U done yet? Your grandmother wants her dildo back. Make sure U clean the ear wax off the sack.

          • Don’t need one. Your wife will suffice.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            Your grandmother still wants her DILDO, time is ticking. U wish U had physical contact with a female that was not related to U, U inbreed.

          • Now I know why you like the smell of lox!

          • How is ‘dildo’ not moderated?

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            I can’t wait until this blog “MODERATE” racial and homophobic slurs. I’ll be glad when U stand up against Blog Bigots.

          • TrojanFan

            HYPOCRITE!…..did you forget some of your choice comments

          • TrojanFan

            What you’re really saying is “I need to use it, now”….the pimple really puts you at a disadvantage

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            U still begging 4 my attention U lil snitching tattle tale?

        • TrojanFan

          Wrong blog, the ruin blog is next door

          No one on this blog cares what you know about football, you’re only making a fool of yourself

      • betomas

        Though obviously USC is the main team I follow, every once in a while, I’d post something on the InsideUCLA site when the last writer, Miguel Melendez, was there. He was actually informative, diligent, and solid in his reportage. Then the Daily News had a brain fart and they let Melendez go…I have no idea why, as not only UCLA fans liked him, even Trojans went to him for the latest info. The new writer, Jack Wang, is subpar. I rarely ever check his blog because he writes few updates and he misses important football stories all the time. I can see why more UCLA fans have gyrated toward’s SW’s blog because since Wang became the new writer, their blog is boring. Like it or not, SW keeps it provocative.
        Either way, it seems like the Daily News just likes to piss on its readers in different ways.

        • ProbationU

          Wang is a mess. Cal grad and the site now sucks.

        • EncinitasBruin

          You hit the nail on the head, betomas. Really, it is more interesting over here–at least Wolf seems in touch with the programs. I’m pulling for Jack Wang, but so far, it’s just kinda boring on the Inside UCLA blog.

    • betomas

      No worries. The more you keep on reading the comments, the more you’ll realize that this site is largely about a few USC fans that like to troll daily on their own team’s blog.

      • TrojanFan

        No worries. The more you keep on reading the comments, the more you’ll realize that this site is largely about a few Bruin fans that like to troll daily on this USC blog.

        Hey betomas, If you’re going to put it out there at least get it right…lol!

        • betomas

          Unimaginative. ZZzzzzz…snooze button.

          • TrojanFan

            Wow!…that’s a total reflection on YOU…..nice try!

            If you keep hitting the snooze button won’t that make you late reporting the “inside info”….so keep hitting it….lol!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    When asked if he thought the men of troy could curb stomp the gutties in “re-painted” Pauley, chuck douchebucket said they cannot. But we Cantuuuuuuuuu!!!

  • USC basketball has the potential to keep improving and run the table in March during the Pac-12 tournament as they did back in 2009.

    The difference is Coach Bob, is that the players seem to be enjoying playing again, starting to believe in themselves and are going to have been tested prior to the Pac-12 championships, and that could make for a title for USC, the head coaching spot to the current coach, who a top recruiter and a terrific person and there are some that believe that the firing of Kevin mid season, after a big road win, is a warning shot to Kiffin to straighten up or he too could find himself off the sidelines mid season.

    • Condoms never cease to amaze me of how delusional they are, and you are a prime example.

  • WHAT THE “F” DO YOU THINK I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT? Haden is killing SC athletics.

  • My favorite part is how women’s basketball is included in the ‘important sports’ discussion here.

  • ThaiMex

    This Tuiasasoppo guy sounds a lot some of you weirdo nutcase jobs that frequent this site. The female voice impersonations (just like mono does when he talks to Nubsie…..”take me now, my sweet lover”). The ridiculous far fetched statements ( like..”Our 75 is better than your 85″) keep leading me back to this site. Here’s this Big Pacific islander guy (Look like Tarzan, Talk like Jane, smell like…….), trying to sound like a squeaky voiced Japanese woman during ovulation, on the phone to an ALL AMERICAN 240lb LINEBACKER from Notre Dame. It’s all just sooooooo QUEER (just like you amir!).

    fit UN torgans!

    • TrojanFan


      What a Fing nut job!

  • EncinitasBruin

    Okay boys and girls, can we stop with the anti-Semitic “JuCrew” and “Jucla” references? What I find most ironic, is that USC has a strong Jewish student and alumni base also, the last time I checked. I mean–really? (And no, I’m not Jewish–and still find it offensive.)