What Happened Last Time With Jamie Dixon

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon is once again a prominent candidate for the basketball job. What happened last time when Dixon spurned the Trojans?
“He leveraged Pitt into giving him a better contract,” said a source.
Perhaps Dixon will be more interested this time around.

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  • betomas

    NOthing Wolf…absolutely nothing happened with Dixon.

    • gillyking

      What’s so special about Dixon? Unranked and and @9th in the BE, finished out of the rankings last year and had only 1 top 10 finish in the previous 5-6yrs before that. Trojans don’t need another journeyman also ran like Dixon. If the bRuins are his ” ultimate job” to follow in his buddy Howlands footsteps, WTF, that’s no big deal for a supposed basketball school.. oh yeah, they used to be back when Daddy Sam and cheater wooden bought all of those banners.. The Trojan job would be too special for a guy like Dixon.

      • betomas

        So? What’s your point? Why are you replying to me?

        • gillyking

          @betomas…I usually always really respect your input on this board and was just compounding your point about the irrelevance of Wolfbags topic, while voicing my hopes that Haden does not go after Dixon. The commentary of the two trolls in this conversation are beneath response by me. Fight on

          • betomas

            Oh, I see. I was confused by your response at first but I get it now. My bad

  • Guest

    I say Cantu is auditioning and so far he is doing pretty well.

  • Spedjones

    Dixon waiting in line for the job across town.

  • ThaiMex

    NOTHING has changed since last time is the correct answer. You see…..U -Clowns-Suck….you are coming off of one of the WORST seasons (6-26…ONE in conference WIN) in Torgan B-Ball history. In the past Cal, Oregon, and Arizona have all approached Jamie, and he has shown NO INTEREST. If he has rejected those THREE, why would he consider a dump like SUCks? (Crazy huh….with all your HERITAGE!) Another thing to consider is the Dixon family’s relationship w/ The Howlands (don’t ask me to explain…it’s way tooooo deep for most of you knuckleheads). However, should Howland get fired….you might have a VERY SMALL chance.
    (…..Nat’l signing day is Wednesday, Make amir “my pet” day is Tuesday!)
    fit on torgans everywhere!