Winners and Losers Of The Week

Time to see who the winners and losers are this week:


Bob Cantu: Earns big win over UCLA at Pauley Pavilion.

Eddie Vanderdoes: Visiting Alabama and hotter than ever as fans try to guess his destination.

Jio Fontan: Frustrating season has a silver lining with big performance at Pauley.

Recruitaholics: Signing Day is Wednesday, which means more than winning a national title to them.


Lane Kiffin: Forced to continue national media tour of saying he will so things differently next year.

Ben Howland: He is just 13-9 against crosstown rivals USC despite Trojans’ ups-and-downs in that period.

Larry Drew III: UCLA guard said Bruins will “kill” USC next time teams play.

Michael Cooper: After 4-0 start in Pac-12, women’s basketball has lost four of its past five games.

USC football coaching staff: Still speculation further staff changes coming even with Signing Day looming.

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  • dtksr1

    The last one about coaching staff changes; in review of the 2012 season, I think it can safely be said who coaches what, will determine every bit as much what success this team will have in 2013 as the players on the field.

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, regarding Kiffin, shouldn’t that ax be razor sharp by know?

    Do the cheerios taste any better?…..

    • betomas

      BandwagonFan, will you ever have the epiphany that we’ve all been praying for whereby you realize that you are the lamest poster, have crappiest writing skills, and that you do everything you do because of unreolved feelings of inferiority after getting made fun of throughout your K-12 years?

      • TrojanFan

        Such a cheap trick….The X’s and O’s of football is like a foreign language to you, not sure if you have the human capacity to grasp it……From some of your earlier posts it’s obvious you’re never played any type of organized football beyond the 8th grade

        …..and by the way, thanks for the free psychoanalysis, I filed it in the trash can

  • Guest

    I guess there’s a new meaning to “13-9”

  • So i guess SC is better at BB than UCLA is at FB (11-2 vs. 13-9)…who woulda thunk.

  • Would D. Walker, recently signed DB coach w/Jaguars, accepted a USC offer? Or Bob Toledo, recently signed OC at San Diego State, accepted a USC offer?