Answer Sunday!

In this segment, questions on next year’s record for the football team and who will get the UCLA job if Jim Mora ever decides to leave.


Q: Independent_George

So what is your imprerssion of Pat Haden as athletic director. We know about Iron Mike — unrefined, combatitive, and imperious, but he could also fire up the base like no other AD in USC history.

Haden seems to be more concilliatory and more refined, but he pisses off alumni with his golly-gee superlatives and his “Trust me, I am a Rhodes Scholar” attitude. The press seems to love him because he is much more media savvy than Garrett, but are there apsects of Haden’s personality that are rubbing people the wrong way inside Hertiage Hall and keeping him from doing a better job and getting along with alumni?

A: I think Haden wants to be seen as supporting coaches, i.e. not firing Lane Kiffin. He is also highly sensitive in making sure he supports all sports, not just football. And I think he is very accessible with the media.

Now I think if you talked to Kevin O’Neill, he might say there wasn’t a lot of support for the basketball program or that Haden wasn’t real hands on with the second-biggest sport at USC. But if that is true, it is no different than Mike Garrett, who was often unconcerned or uncomfortable dealing with basketball.

I’m aware there is a split inside Heritage (or the University Village) on working for Haden. But the bottom line is people judge on AD at USC one thing: Is football winning?


So right now, he has some work to do.

Q: Ben Doverz

My prediction for next season, 8-5 with Browne being the QB. What say you?

A: I would say it is possible. I don’t want to make any predictions this early in the year. But I can’t rule out your record if Lane Kiffin’s “lost the locker room” as I’ve heard from some sources and ESPN also reported last week.

I would have laughed at someone who predicted 7-6 a year ago. And it happened. So right now I am being cautious. I don’t think Max Browne will start the opener. I think Max Wittek will. But if Wittek struggles, then I expect to see Browne get a chance.


Q: Sam Gilbert

Who will replace Jim Mora if/when he leaves UCLA for the NFL?

A: As I write this I’m reminded that John Harbaugh was once a candidate for the UCLA job. Wonder how that would have turned out. If Mora leaves, the job is certainly more attractive than when he arrived.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Nevada coach Brian Polian or Arkansas State coach Bryan Harsin are candidates if they are successful in their new jobs.


Q:Golden Trojan

After the whole Sun Bowl debacle, from arrival to the game, Kiffin rising to #1 Hot Seat, Chip Kelly moving to NFL and all the NFL turnover, how likely is it that powerful alums can get Haden to fire Kiffin now?

A: Not likely. Haden seems firmly committed to bring Kiffin. I’m curious now what the benchmark is for next season. Will Haden bring him back with eight wins? Nine? Who will support keeping him?


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  • Guess i missed the /UCLA part of “inside USC with SW”.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Our blog is boring. At least the Wolfman brings some spice, even if some of it gives indigestion.

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Mora will be in Westwood for the foreseeable future. He and his family are just now settling into the local community. He has lots of things to check off on his “bucket list” here in L.A. I think he would like to be the new age Terry Donahue of UCLA football.

    • Dream On!

      • ThaiMex

        In response to that,……..your deep, well thought out response, I say….
        fit on!

        • F U beaner.

          • ThaiMex

            nubsie…..back at you big fella…..F U = Fit Un!

          • HAWR-HAWR!! a black guy who is a big racist! only at Southern Cal!!

            oh, Toni S., clean up on aisle Dumb!!

          • HAWR-HAWR!! another brown guy who is a stupid dolt. only at …wait…he has no college or university. GED GED
            Bucket, like your boss says…..Clean up on ALL the aisles.

          • steveg

            Oh the turd bucket returns from hiding after the painful bb loss. It must be so boring over at #1CrimeU

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        Suck it and Blow on it. U cyber bigot.

    • steveg

      Go away, you only annoy, you offer nothing to this blog.

    • WingsHD

      Still on the SC blog I see. Still must be talking about the school’s number one sport basketball over on UCLA’s blog and how they want Howland out.

  • Mora could also leave for Washington ( his alma mater and dream job) if Sark leaves or is fired.

  • realtrojan

    I don’t want Jim Mora to leave fUCLA. I would love to see SC kick his tender butt for years to come. lol.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      I don’t want him to leave either. 1-0 against the Trojans, better coach than Kiffin, more momentum, program on the rise. I totally agree with you.

      • realtrojan

        LMAO!!! Program on the rise? I suggest you to enjoy your hallucination as much as you could, because your football team just might fall flat on their nose just like your miserable basketball team did a few days ago. LOL!!!

  • Garrett was/is a better AD than Haden. Name one sport that is BETTER now.

    • steveg

      Like the AD has a whole lot to do with that. Garrett did nothing but piss people off with his heisman attitude. I am so happy to see him gone.

      • You’re full of crap. My bet is that Garrett wouldn’t give you the time of day. Admit it. We all are graded on results. Mike was one of the greatest ADs in SC history. So Stevo, tell mr, which sport is better under Haden? Just name ONE.

  • Spedjones

    oh man, how things have changed. SUCsters now dreaming of the day UCLA loses its coach. LOL!

    • bigturboweenie

      one poster sends this and now you think he represents the SC fanbase? #trollfail

  • TroyFan52

    No chance bru crew. Mora won’t hesitate if the right offer comes along…..did Haden contact Pat Fitzgerald yet about what it would take for him to come to Troy?????? When is Howland getting canned???? So many questions…….

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      Mora is currently working his “right offer.” Why are U sc fans so fixated on Mora leaving? That’s such of desperate and defeated attitude from a once boastful and myopic fan base. C’mon sc fans U all are suppose to be better than that, right?