• TrojanFan

    Looks like little sister had a honorable mention TE….what!!!! that’s all….LOL

    What really stands out is the “ALL TIME’ list, at least 10 of the 50 were former Trojans….I didn’t recognize any ruins, but I could be wrong

    • How is that recruting class going? will USuCk finally recruit an OLineman? But I guess the real questions should be: “how many more decommits on signing day?” or “will USuCk hold off the recruiting momentum of the fabulous Bruins, or will UCLA establish themselves as the not only the L.A. City Champs, but the Recruiting Champs as well?” LMAO

      • Cheap seats

        And will UCLA fans be interested in their own team rather than continuing with their cross town envy by posting more on SC boards than their own?

        • Spedjones

          you miss the point. There’s nothing to discuss over there because all is in order. That and Wolfie is 10x better than the guy the DN stuck us with.

          • TrojanFan

            Spudjuice, that’s a lame excuse….there is NO FOOTBALL TALK ON THE OTHER BLOG, good or bad, because no one cares, just a handful of trolls like yourself express any interest in ruin football…..

            I think you’re the one that’s been missing the point…..has the light opened your eyes yet!

          • Spedjones

            the light? 38-28 was indeed bright. 7-6 and 1 to UN was brighter, and deflategate was perhaps the brightest light of all. Nah, BOOM on Barfly was the LIGHT and my eyes are OPEN! Just as yours have closed. LOL.

          • TrojanFan

            Get some new material….LOL!

      • TrojanFan

        Keep counting your eggs!

  • Yesterday I was driving my SUV (with a large “UCLA” decal on my back window) on the 101 N. to Universal Studios with my family, when a SCumbag driving a BMW drove past me on my right flipping me off, the SCum afraid that I would chase him, began to zig zag out of the lanes at high speeds and made a quick exit on Melrose Ave., I couldn’t help to think that only a SCum like TrojanFan would do something like that…was it you toe-jamCan?

    • WingsHD

      Why are you telling us, find your bruin blog and complain to them. Nobody here cares. You were probably driving like your schools number one sport team played the other night.

      • TrojanFan

        Exact same thoughts!….the best part was they all had baby blue sweaters on….lame!

        • It was probably you, SCumbag.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            LoL!!!! TrogonFon aka Scrapes wish he could afford a BMW emblem. He is BMW…… Broke Miserable and Wimpy. Scrapes, WitlessHD, ReallyaMonkey and a few other sc neanderthals suffer from Grandiose Delusions. They believe this blog is only for them.

    • Cheap seats

      Every team has their idiots. What I’ve found out that the so-called asshole SC fans are usually not even alum or attend any games. They go to ONE game and think they’re supposed to act that way.

      I don’t think all Bruin fans are a-holes, either. The ones that visit this board aren’t representative of the ones I encounter at the Rose Bowl. Most will even stop by our tailgate for a drink or two.

      I was head-to-toe in SC gear last year at the Rose Bowl and we ran out of charcoal. We got offered on 4 separate occasions by UCLA fans in the south lawn area to have some of their coals. It’s not like we had hot chicks with us, either.

      The idiot UCLA fans that troll the blogs are likely kids that hopefully will grow up someday.

      • I agree, I dislike USC, not gonna lie about that…but flipping some USC fan on the freeway? I would never reduce myself to that level. I had spotted him on my left side with his USC License plate holders, I took a quick glance as I passed him, he didn’t seem that type that would do that, he appeared to be around 39-40 caucacian man, what pissed me off is he saw I was with my family as he passed me on my right, and still gave me the “bird” that was classless. For me to think all USC fans are that way would be ridiculous, as most of the ones I know are class acts.

        • Cheap seats

          Yeah…even worse doing it to a guy with his family.

          Me and my friends go “divided” every year to the rivalry game and while it makes good fun, some people on both sides just take it to another level.

          • marvgoux1

            Agreed we should keep the rivalry from degenerating into Raider Fan antics.

    • TrojanFan

      First off, the OVERSIZE ucla decal was flashing “I’m a idiot”, the middle finger was for your wife, what a cheap trick, and last but not least, when you’re behind the wheel of the ultimate driving machine, you drive it like you stole it

      Plus, if you’re looking for some support you came to the wrong place…..Bucket has just what you’re looking for,

    • Bru-Life classic description of a trOXan, running like a chicken!! no wonder the Southern Cal gals go find a Bruin when they want a real man!!

      isn’t that right, boys??


      • Cheap seats

        Bucket likes the men on the Bruin Spirit Squad.

        • another brilliant zinger from a trOXan!!

          no wonder the wolfman takes such joy in delivering humiliating kicks to you dumbbells’ crotch every day!!


          • Cheap seats

            What year did you graduate from Westwood High?

            Back in my day, it was us who would get laid in Westwood! šŸ™‚

            Of course, there was nothing near the SC campus then..

          • hahaha

          • Again, with the crotch thing.

    • RallyMonkeyUSA

      Consider yourself special to be given that kind of treatment. It could of been worse…he could of ignored you just like we do on here.

      • yah, thanks for “ignoring” me. buahahaha