Which Recruit Do You Want More?

Among this trio of out-of-state prospects: Torrodney Prevot? Matthew Thomas? Jalen Ramsey?

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  • take a knee wolfman, i GOT this!!!

    recruiting update: Scout now has DROPPED Southern Cal OUT of the top 10!!!

    meanwhile UCLA is poised to leap in the top five and potentially, dare i say it…..#3!!!

    oh, somebody PUNCH ME!! i mean PINCH me, i must be Dreaming!!!!

    and to think, we owe our stunning rise all to the trOXan defectors!!!

    can this year get any sugary SWEEEEEETER?????


  • Spedjones

    Ramsey to FSU, so I hope nobody really wanted him!

  • Jalen Ramsey was the most important recruit based off of necessity.. This class is still solid, but has taken a MAJOR dive… Started off strong and ending very disappointing.