Is Lane Kiffin’s Status Now Hurting Recruiting?

With the flurry of decommits since December, is it possible USC’s once No. 1-ranked class is being decimated because of the uncertainty surrounding Lane Kiffin? Are recruits wavering because they don’t know if they might have a new coach after next year?

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  • adsfadsf

    Finish the post?

  • Independent_George

    You didn’t complete the post, but the answer is yes.

    Recruits go to USC not because they bleed Cardinal and Gold, but because it’s the best place for them to pursue their career options, which is the NFL. They choose a coach and a scheme they beleive will help them. Looking at how SC finished the season, how the played at the Sun Bowl, and listening to the chatter, a lot of the recruits are being cautious and figuring Kiffin is a goner after this year.

    And they would be correct.

    • Not just that, they look at this staff and see that they WON’T BE COACHED

    • Pile On! You’re full of crap. SC will finish ahead of Fucla in football over the next 5 years. Fucla sucks.

      • marvgoux1

        But will they finish ahead of the ruins next year? That’s what the 17 year old recruits care about. Teenagers don’t think beyond the here and now and certainly not 5 years from now. if Pat Haden had fired Kiffin after the Fucla debacle we would have a new coach and we probably could have kept the class together. The uncertainty of having a caretaker coach to get us through NCAA probation is killing us.

        • They will. Fucla is second rate.

          • ThaiMex

            ask kylie

          • marvgoux1

            It’s going to be tough with a true freshman quarterback and 4 true freshmen staring in the defensive backfield. This year was our year to win the national title.

      • TrojanFan

        George needs to lay off the sauce!

  • WRSC

    Wolf, why don’t you find out and report instead of asking ruin fans that troll on this blog?

  • rusoviet

    I guess the end game for Wolf is to hound Kiffin out of University Park anyway he can and whatever excessive tactic it takes.

    • Independent_George

      Wolf can be a D-Bag, but I think that Kiffin is doing a bang-up job all by himself of being hounded out of University Park.

      • Ben Factor

        I agree. Scott can be petty, and he’s not that far off the money with most of his comments. Of course the uncertainty is problematic with recruits, as is the questionable coaching in 2012.

        Kiffin needs to round out the staff with “teachers”, and deliver a very well-coached team in 2013. If he does that, his tenure will be secure enough. If he does not do that, Haden needs to end the uncertainty.

    • marvgoux1

      Putin isn’t big on freedom of the press either.

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    The foundation has officially collapsed underneath (the Halls of Horror) oops, I meant heritage hall. FIDM College might finish with a better recruiting class than sc this year. BOOM!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!

    • We are doomed. I’m going to get a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Then take a nap and then go to Juniors for a sandwich.

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        What’s up deep throat? Is the gag reflex finally numb yet?

        • Not yet JuCrew. Are you printing up recruiting T shirts yet? Hahahahahaha. I know your old lady doesn’t need a deep throat being married to you. You probably need one for Mora. There’s not a bigger d!CK in the Pac 12.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            I’m honored that U think enough of me to be married. I definitely wouldn’t assume the same of u. “Master of the Solo-Course-Technique” Old lady? As in your well documented inappropriate intimate relationship with your grandmother? How about U talking to Mora about is Male anatomy parts?

          • Married to a guy. JuCrew, you need to get to Juniors.

          • TrojanFan

            Hey crewless, the voice might of changed, but the breath still smells the same…..bucket got a new toy, was that a gift from you?

      • T4

        Hey Blo, you ain’t going to Juniors for nothing…it’s been closed since the 10th of Jan.

    • steveg

      Yes, go bruins, to your own blog. Go Go Go. Root on for good old #1CrimeU.

    • TrojanFan

      wrong blog!

  • Kiffin is the problem and he will always be the problem, period. This is on HIM. He took a number 1 ranked team and finished unranked, lost his team and now lost what was potentially the # 1 recruiting class. He will sign 10 recruits, ten, the NCAA couldn’t have ruined the program any worse than Kiffin is right now.

    You rah rah pom pom waving idiots can blame Wolf all you want, but this is on Kiffin and now Haden, enjoy mediocre football for years to come.

    • Independent_George

      It’s one thing to get early committs, but it is another thing to base your class on OOS commits.

      OOS commits will always be shakey. There is a lot of pressure to stay in state and/or in conference. It’s one thing to pull and keep Browne from UW. It’s still the Pac-12. Its another thing to pull kids from SEC Country and Texas.

      I am guessing the Fitts fiasco really blew up in Kiffin’s face. I am sure everyone and their uncle used that against Kiffin.

      The suckey thing about this is that Kiffin cost the University a few more million dollars when they have to hire someone to fix the mess Kiffin made worse.

    • betomas

      Kiffin and Puss in Boots Haden both share a huge part of the blame for this. And Nikias hasn’t said anything, so maybe he’s complicit in this downfall of historic proportions. I’ve kept honest the entire way. Kiffin and Co. will be lucky to have a 7-6 record by season’s end.

      • TrojanFan

        Do you have any new material,,,,same thing you said 2 days ago!

        • betomas

          TFail bandwagonner, I’m honored that you follow my posts diligently. However, you will notice that I added new information to my post. Thanks, –The Management.

          • TrojanFan


    • I’ve BEEN blaming Haden.

      • ThaiMex

        Quit the blaming…You should have been ABORTED, but you don’t see anyone around here blaming your parents.
        fit on nubsie

  • betomas

    Where is Cal Poly SLO(W) alumnus BandwagonFan (AKA TFail, AKA TrojanFail, etc. etc.) when we need him (to fess up, that is)? Haven’t seen him on the board today. Is it perhaps because he doesn’t want to admit that my sources were correct, yet again (albeit, I was told that this meltdown would happen more gradually, not all the day before NSD…insane)?? No worries, TFail. Come to think of it, your name sounds like that of a subpar, washed up rapper with a lousy reality show and an ugly wife).
    Fact: the crosstown rivals did pick up another 4* recruit: the #16 ranked LB in the nation, Myles Jack, like I wrote in a post well before it happened.
    Fact: Hazelton left USC before this meltdown (no biggie, he wasn’t that great) and Marvin Sanders got canned (that’s a big deal, especially because he had a hand with several recruits).
    Fact: There have been some HUGE

    • Another south of the border poster. Senor, we could care less what your think. Fucla sucks. Period. We have one bad year. BFD. You’ve (I using that term loosely as I’m sure you didn’t go to college)

      • had a horrible 50 years or more. 1/2 NC

        • betomas

          Not sure who you’re referring to, TFail. I’m talking about USC Trojan football and reasons why Kiffin and Haden should get canned, so who cares about what you just wrote. lol.

  • steveg

    Perhaps if the press (SW) were to quit saying the same thing every day then the recruits would perhaps put some faith in him and sign. They are young and impressionable, easily misled, (like jucla ruins) and believe everything they read. So, it appears my logic is saying that if we don’t have a great recruiting class it is all your fault Scott Wolf. roflmao

  • WingsHD

    Blaming Wolf for anything happening in recruiting is just non-sense. Kiffin is the head coach and is responsible. The only bright spot Kiffin had was his recruiting skills and that could look ugly come tomorrow. So why is it that he is still going to keep his job? As for the normal idiot bruins on this site I again saw go to your site so you can talk about the school’s number one sport basketball and see if they have fired Howland yet.

  • Priest Willis will not sign with ucla on Wednesday per ESPN.