Jason Hatcher To Kentucky?

That is what at least one Kentucky media outlet believes will happen. This could turn out be known as decommit Tuesday at the rate things are going and we haven’t even heard from Kylie Fitts and Eddie Vanderdoes yet.

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  • Spedjones

    and Prevot’s next…

  • Still a solid Recruiting class… Im sure some unknowns will sign as well. cant wait for all this UCLA hate, and recruiting drama is over!

    • Spedjones

      curious how you can consider this a solid recruiting class? You’ve just lost like half the class in the past few days. Granted, the guys you have in school already are solid, but you can’t make a class out of 6 guys.

      • Is USC in the top 10 in recruiting? If so, its a solid class for any team, especially one with sanctions and a bad coaching staff!

        • Spedjones

          no, they won’t be after these decommits.

          • gotroy22

            I can’t believe we lost Hatcher and Ramsey. We never had defections like this under Pete.

          • USC owns the Rose Bowl

            Are you seriously a big enough LOSER to sit at the computer discussing the choices 17-year-old kids are making? Like, what else do your days consist of? lmao.. I’m out…. fucking geeks (SC fans included if they’re trippin over these children hahahaha idiots)

          • ThaiMex

            Does this name ring a bell?????? “DeAnthony Thomas”
            fit on torgan

          • USC owns the Rose Bowl

            Am I supposed to be disappointed that we didn’t get a guy who isn’t even a starter on his team after 2 years? and won’t have a role in the NFL? Ummm can’t say I’m too hurt over that…. lmaoooooo

        • Bru-Crew_UCLA

          U myopic sc guys provide so much comedy, so much entertainment who needs Satellite TV? This recruiting class has gone from worse, to worser, then worstest recruiting class in the historical record keeping of worstest recruiting classes. “U flowing me camera guy?” LoL!

          • I agree with JuCrew. I’m headed to Juniors for a kosher dog.

          • And you lame UCLA guys keep coming here to talk sh*t provide enough entertainment to last a life time.. Face it UCLA will always be the “Little Brother” to USC.. You can have an “ok” year in football, but you will always be pee-on’s.. Win something a conference, and we can talk again..

      • gotroy22

        It’s a great class by fucla standards but it’s turning into a major disappointment by Trojan standards.

  • Independent_George

    Recruiting was baout the only thing left in Kiffin’s visor.

    But now that we know that Kiffin lies, can’t coach, has no PR skills, can’t attract top-flight assistants and can’t recruit, there is absolutley no reason to keep him after this year.

    Fire him after the ND game.