USC Morning Buzz

Everyone is making their Signing Day predictions, so here are mine.

Nico Falah: USC

Quinton Powell: USC

Jason Hatcher: USC

Torrodney Prevot: Texas A&M

Matthew Thomas: Miami

Jalen Ramsey: Florida State

Eddie Vanderdoes: UCLA

Kylie Fitts: UCLA

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  • Spedjones

    have a feeling the decommit bus is gaining momentum. Falah to UDUB? Hatcher to UK? Hmm, could be interesting…

    • Cheap seats

      Notice that they are almost all defensive players and some DBs. They should’ve gave more thought to the DC transition — many of them committed when Monte was DC.

      In your team’s case, many already knew that Mora would be in charge and he assembled his staff quickly: Mazzonne & Spanos.

      I guess Monte resigned too early and it left them in limbo. Ideally he should’ve been fired with a name already in place.

    • UCLA2323

      I am calling Wolf out he had USC by Ramsey name and then changed it to FSU after Ramsey picked FSU.

      • Spedjones

        I never saw Ramsey to SC on here. Either way, who cares? Any news is bad news for the Trogies today!

        • gotroy22

          I did.

  • UCLA2323

    Ramsey off the board he is headed to FSU. So u got that one wrong

    • He actually got that right

      • UCLA2323

        Bull sh@@ he had USC by Ramsey name. He changed it

        • Cheap seats

          LOL.. I guess you’re one of Wolf’s “sources” now. =)

  • Tomorrow will be a disaster for USC. If Haden had canned Lanie, tomorrow would have been a great day at USC. Oh well, get used to 5-7 years ( or more ) of crappy football.

  • Are Fitts/EV gonna be another Peat/Murphy-like loss? F!!! Ramsey had a good shot at starting. USC’s gotta retain Falah, and try to steal a JC guy or a solid 3*/4* at both CB and OL. Hope they have a surprise in their hat.

    • Spedjones

      more like their d*cks in their hands. LOL

    • Well, they will have the scholies available to offer more JuCo OLinemen, an area in which they desperately need help in.

  • Strong start to the recruiting season, and ended very disappointing .. But still a very strong class for a 7-6 season!